Miguel Vidal Calvet

BArch, MArch

Pronouns: He/him
  • Design Tutor
  • MPhil/PhD Researcher
  • Architect

Research and expertise

I am an Architect with over ten years of experience integrating teaching and research with professional work at top practices such as Foster + Partners and Grimshaw. My academic interests revolve around Computational Design, Participatory Design, and co-design. I was awarded a fully-funded scholarship to pursue my MPhil/PhD research on these topics at Loughborough University in 2021.

I graduated from the Madrid School of Architecture. I received an award for my final dissertation project for its design quality at the 12th Biennial of Architecture from the Spanish National Council of Architects in 2012. During my studies, I was granted an Innovative Educational Teaching grant funded by the Technical University of Madrid to support launching a cross-curricular module on Parametric Design and Environmental Technical Studies in 2010.

Since then, I have gained experience leading modules and seminars on computational design and design studios at international Higher Education institutions, such as The Bartlett and IE University. I am currently combining work on international projects with a Senior Lecturer position at the University of Hertfordshire, where I lead the Year 1 of the MArch Architecture of Urbanism. 

My pieces of research have been published by institutions such as the World Mass Customization and Personalization Conference, Design Modelling Symposium, Universitat International de Catalunya, the Interdisciplinary Institute on Innovation (Mines ParisTech), and the Design Modelling Symposium. 

Current research activity

  • Participatory Design
  • Computational Design
  • UK Social Housing

Recent publications

  • Carta S., Turchi T., Spencer N., and Vidal Calvet, M. (2022). Encoding social values of local communities in algorithmic-driven design methods (forthcoming)
  • Vidal Calvet, M., Carta, S., & Lago-Novás, J. (2021). Human-Centered Design and Co-design Methodologies for Mass Customization in Housing: A Case Study Using Cloud Computing Applications. In Towards Sustainable Customization: Bridging Smart Products and Manufacturing Systems (pp. 953-961). Springer, Cham.
  • Busón, I. L., Polites, M., Vidal Calvet, M., & Yu, H. (2018). A Computational Approach to Methodologies of Landscape Design. In Humanizing Digital Reality (pp. 657-670). Springer, Singapore.
  • Mallo M., Santamaria J. & Vidal Calvet, M. (2014) Efficient Irregular Tessellations. In 2nd Conference of Biodigital Architecture (Ed. Alberto T. Estevez), Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.


I contribute to learning and teaching activities across the Schools programmes including:


  • Architecture BArch


  • MArch Architecture


Based in London, I am an ARB registered Architect with over ten years of experience combining teaching and research with work in practice. My PhD research proposal tries to bridge the communication gap between designers and non-designers by investigating methods of Participatory Design and engagement in mass social housing through interactive, computational tools.

My teaching schedule runs parallel to my research and practice work. With an interdisciplinary approach, I have been leading the University of Hertfordshire’s (UH) MArch Architecture and Urbanism Year 1 as a Senior Lecturer, and previously as a Visiting Lecturer, since 2020. 

Besides my Design Studio teaching background, I have worked at some of the UK’s top Architectural offices, such as Foster + Partners and Grimshaw, as well as in my own practice. My background in a wide range of international projects plays a key role in my academic work, as I incorporate not only the design know-how but also my team leadership experience. At Grimshaw, I had a client-facing, leadership role on the Heathrow Expansion Programme. At Foster + Partners, I applied cutting-edge digital design and fabrication technologies in projects such as Apple Park, the HQ for Apple in California, in which I followed its Visitor Center until completion. 

Currently, as UK Director and Head of Research at Labit Group, an emerging practice where I run the London office, we pursue a vision of a research-based approach to design. At Labit I am integrating practice work with research-in-practice as we are designing a web-based application for the automation of housing schemes, Turing. A paper on it was published at the 10th Mass Customization Conference 2021. 

As part of my research, I have collaborated on University grants as a supplier, including PARAS, an Innovate UK grant in 2021 to develop a computational web app for seating allocation in theatres for Charcoalblue, a leading theatre consultant.

Professional Affiliations

  • Architects Registration Board (ARB), UK - Registration number: 082258B.
  • Architects Association of Madrid (COAM), Spain - Registration number: 20.760.


  • 12th Spanish Biennial of Architecture - Spanish National Council of Architects. Spain’s Master Final Projects Awards. Urban regeneration of A-42 motorway. (2013).

Key collaborators

My research and enterprise activities are conducted with a range of academic and stakeholder partners, including:

  • Matyas Gutai
  • Derek Thomson