Mahla Tayefi Nasrabadi


  • Doctoral Researcher

Research and expertise

  • Housing studies
  • Urban sustainability
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods


Recent publications

  • Tayefi Nasrabadi, Mahla and Hataminejad, Hossein. (2021). Towards residential buildings sustainability in a religious-tourism metropolis. Land Use Policy, 103.
  • Tayefi Nasrabadi, Mahla. (2021). How do nature-based solutions contribute to urban landscape sustainability? Environment, Development and Sustainability, 24(1), 576-591.
  • Tayefi Nasrabadi, Mahla, Higueras García, Ester and Pourzakarya, Maryam. (2021). Let Children Plan Neighborhoods for a Sustainable Future: A Sustainable Child-Friendly City Approach. Local Environment, 26(2), 198-215.
  • Tayefi Nasrabadi, Mahla and Hataminejad, Hossein. (2019). Assessing sustainable housing indicators: a structural equation modelling analysis. Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, 8(5), 457-472.


External activities

  • Reviewer: Land Use Policy Journal
  • Reviewer: Journal of Housing and the Built Environment