Professor Koji Shiono

BSc MSc PhD CEng

  • Emeritus Professor of Environmental Hydrodynamics

Research and expertise

Hydraulics, River Floods, Estuaries, numerical and mathematical modelling.


Research fellow at Birmingham University 1981-1989. Lecturer at Bradford University 1989-1993. Joined Loughborough University as a Senior Lecturer in 1994. Awarded Personal Chair as Professor of Environmental Hydrodynamics in 1999. Senior Research fellow at Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan 1996. Visiting Professor, Kyushu University 1999. European Union Senior Research Fellow at Kyoto University, Japan 1998. Visiting lecturer at Kyoto University 1992-1995. Visiting Professor, Kansai University Japan and University Technology Malaysia 2008.

Research field is studying complex flow and solute transport processes associated with flooding and river basin hydraulics. The focus of the work is on integrating data acquisition from state-of-the-art laboratory and field monitoring techniques with the development and refinement of theoretical and computational models. Published more than 100 refereed journal and conference papers relating to measuring turbulence parameters and mathematical modelling turbulent flows in rivers and estuaries. Established research links with universities and research institutes in Japan, France, Netherlands, Malaysia, China, Iran and Brazil, supported by the British Council, JSPS and EU. Held 9 EPSRC research grants and supervised 15 PhD students to completion.