Dr Jamal El-Rimawi

BSc(Eng) MSc PhD

Pronouns: He/him
  • Lecturer in Structural Analysis

Research and expertise

I have a vast experience in the development of software for analysisng nonlinear structures. I am also experienced in he use of FE packages for modelling the behaviour of structural systems.

I have a strong background in analysisng structures subject to elevated temperatures. I have been involved in the design and analysis of many of the fire tests conducted on the Cardington frame. I developed the software used for these studies.

I have a strong interest in modelling the behaviour of RC beams strengthen with various types of plates. In addition to developing software to deal with this problem, I have used FE packages to study specific cases.

I am also working on developing numerical concepts for modelling the behaviour of bond in RC framed structures. The modelling is strongly related to modelling RC subframes subject to cyclic loading. The research is also extended to cover the analysis of full framed RC structures and the assessment of its behaviour based on performance-based criteria.

Recent publications


I am a Structural Engineer with special interests in computer modelling for research, and in teaching.

The first few years of my career were spent working with one of the largest consultancies in the world. During that period, I gained valuable skills and knowledge in the design process of large and small projects. I also gained experience in using and meeting the requirements main design codes around the world. My interest in modelling was also put to good use as the company had a large department for computer modelling.

Left to enhance my academic knowledge, I did a Masters degree in Structural Engineering. This was followed by a relatively short period in the industry where I became a partner in a medium sized consultancy. 

I decided to complete my academic studies to start an academic career, I studied for a PhD degree which was followed by a couple of RA positons working on the modelling of steel structures in fire. This gave me the opprotinutey to use and develop a strong modelling back ground.

Finally, I joined Loughborough University to practice my passion for teaching and research.

Professional affiliations

  • Member of the Jordainian Assossiatin of Engineers.