Isfahan Ghani


Pronouns: He/him
  • Doctoral Researcher

Research and expertise

I am a highly motivated researcher with expertise in critical areas such as evaluating the potential impacts of soil contamination and providing effective solutions for environmental protection. My skills extend to the behavior of earth materials, including soil, rock, and groundwater, and how they interact with structures.

My extensive knowledge and experience enable me to make meaningful contributions to reducing environmental hazards by identifying and mitigating the risks associated with earth materials.

My current research is focused on reducing the usage of stabilisation with a high-lime concentration to make it more cost-effective and minimize its environmental impact. My expertise in this area includes knowledge of soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering, and various laboratory and field testing techniques. I am competent in the synthesis of technical interpretations and findings, risk evaluation, ground enhancement, field investigation, and documenting my work.

I undertake research, participate in laboratory work, and identify and fix technological problems. I am dedicated to advancing the field of geotechnical engineering along with fewer CO2 emissions, through innovative research and practical application.

I am committed to developing cost-effective and sustainable solutions that enhance the stability and strength of earth materials and their interaction with structures, while also minimizing environmental impact and protecting the health and safety of individuals and communities.

Current research activity

  • Curing regimes on soil improvement
  • Low-concentration lime stabilization/modification
  • Chemical additive for soil treatment




I completed my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in Pakistan, where I conducted my final year project on Time History Analysis of a structure located in seismic zone utilizing SAP2000, SAFE, AutoCad, and Etabs.

After graduatng, I gained practical experience as a member of a 100 dam construction project team in Balochistan. Following on, I pursued a Master of Science in Transportation Engineering at Southeast University in China, focusing on modules related to materials, soil, pavement, traffic and numerical analysis. My master's research involved conducting a risk assessment of heavy metals/non-metals and organic matter-contaminated soil. In addition, I gained experience in geotechnical investigation and site characterization, which is essential for identifying and assessing potential geotechnical hazards.

After my master's degree, I gained hands-on experience as an assistant resident engineer on various civil construction projects.

Currently, I am pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering with Loughborough University, where my research focuses on developing more cost-effective and sustainable solutions to enhance soil strength and stability. This project has allowed me to develop my skills in experimental design, data analysis, microstructural analysis, and I am excited to continue contributing to the field of civil engineering through my research.

Professional Affiliations

  • Pakistan engineering council (PEC)
  • American society of civil Engineers


  • HEC-CRBC scholarship for Master studies in China
  • HEC-LU PhD Scholarship

My research and enterprise activities are conducted with a range of academic and stakeholder partners, including:

  • China road and bridge corporation
  • HS2