Mr Harry McGowan


  • Doctoral Researcher

Research and expertise

During the final year of my Sports Technology degree from Loughborough University, I completed a project relating to rotational traction on artificial turf surfaces; I have carried this knowledge and passion into my Doctoral Research, and hope to continue building my expertise in turf research throughout my PhD.

Current research activity 

  • Investigating the traction mechanisms on artificial turf surfaces.
  • Investigating how speed and load affects rotational traction testing. 
  • Investigating the variability of three rotational traction test devices. 

Recently completed research projects

  • Variability of Rotational Traction Testing on Artificial Turf. 

Recent publications

  • Variability of Rotational Traction Testing on Artificial Turf 


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Key collaborators

My research and enterprise activities are conducted with a range of academic and stakeholder partners, including:

  • Labosport