Dr Craig Morton


  • Senior Lecturer in Transport Planning

Research and expertise

I focus my research activity in the areas of transport and energy demand modelling as well as customer experiences with transport services.

I have a particular interest in the diffusion of new transport and energy technologies in terms of [a] the types of individuals that adopt such technologies, [b] the reasons for adoption, [c] how the diffusion of the technologies manifests spatially as well as temporally, and [d] what can be done to promote technology adoption. To pursue these interests, I draw on a diverse set of research methodologies including spatial and timeseries econometrics, land use analysis, psychometric modelling, and market appraisal techniques.

Current research activity 

  • Low carbon technology diffusion
  • Active travel demand
  • Transport infrastructure deployment 

Recently completed research projects 

  • COUNTER - Computing train Occupants Using Novel sensing Techniques to Enhance Rail services.
  • VPACH – Virgin Park and Charge
  • OPTIC – Operation and Performance of Transport Infrastructure Chargepoints 

Recent publications

  • Morton, C., 2020. The demand for cycle sharing: Examining the links between weather conditions, air quality levels, and cycling demand for regular and casual users. Journal of Transport Geography 88, 102854. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2020.102854
  • Morton, C., Anable, J., Yeboah, G., Cottrill, C., 2018. The spatial pattern of demand in the early market for electric vehicles: Evidence from the United Kingdom. Journal of Transport Geography 72, 119–130. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2018.08.020
  • Morton, C., Kelley, S., Monsuur, F., Hui, T., 2021a. A spatial analysis of demand patterns on a bicycle sharing scheme: Evidence from London. Journal of Transport Geography 94, 103125. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2021.103125
  • Morton, C., Mattioli, G., Anable, J., 2021b. Public acceptability towards Low Emission Zones: The role of attitudes, norms, emotions, and trust. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 150, 256–270. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tra.2021.06.007


I contribute to learning and teaching activities across the Schools programmes including:


  • CVA121 – Principles of Law and Economics for the Built Environment
  • CVA131 – Challenges and Process in Urban Planning
  • CVZ002 – Professional Practice
  • CVB120 – Research Methods and Digital Skills
  • CVB119 – Urban Economics and Development Appraisal


Current projects 

  • CAVIAR – Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructue Readiness Appraisal


I joined Loughborough University as a lecturer in the school of Architecture, Building, and Civil Engineering in January 2018.


I had previously been employed as a research fellow at the University of Aberdeen (2013-2014), Trinity College Dublin (2014-2015), and the University of Leeds (2015-2018). I have a background in economics and geography, gaining qualifications from Stirling University (BA (hons) Economics 2007), the University of Edinburgh (MSc Ecological Economics 2008), and the University of Aberdeen (PhD Human Geography 2013).

Professional affiliations

  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

External activities

  • Royal Geographical Society: Transport Geography Research Group – Membership Secretary (2017 – 2020)
  • Royal Geographical Society: Transport Geography Research Group  – Treasurer (2020 – present)

Key collaborators

My research and enterprise activities are conducted with a range of academic and stakeholder partners, including:

  • Department for Transport
  • Transport Scotland
  • Office of Low Emission Vehicles