School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering

Dr Chris Goodier PhD BEng pgCert MCIOB FICT FHEA

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Reader in Construction Engineering and Materials

Director of the Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Construction Engineering (CICE)

Chris is an experienced Civil Engineer and Researcher with 18 years experience of all aspects of construction, including contracting, consultancy and research.

  • 2012 - present: Senior Lecturer, Loughborough University
  • 2009 - 2012: Lecturer, Loughborough University
  • 2008 - 2009: Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering Design, Coventry University
  • 2004 - 2008: Senior Researcher in the Department of Civil and Building Engineering working in construction futures, offsite, and sustainable energy management
  • 2000 - 2004: Senior Consultant in the Centre for Concrete Construction, Construction Division, Building Research Establishment (BRE)
  • Jun 96 - Feb 2000: Researcher and PhD at Loughborough University in sprayed concrete and repair
  • 1994 - 1996: Civil Engineer for Laing Civil Engineering on the Second Severn Crossing
  • 1992 - 1993: Civil Engineer for Laing Civil Engineering on the MOD Head Office in Bristol, Bacton Gas Terminal in Norfolk and the M5 motorway

Broad interests and expertise

Construction Materials

  • Concrete repair and maintenance, concrete technology and the corrosion of reinforcement
  • Self-compacting concrete (SCC) and low-volume sprayed concrete and mortars for repair
  • Rheology, workability, testing and analysis of fresh mortars and concretes
  • Building investigations and structural assessment
  • Hardened property testing and analysis of concretes and mortars
  • Onsite construction, including pre-cast segmental construction, concrete structures, motorway and road construction, setting out and concrete repairs
  • Civil Engineering and segmental forms of construction

Construction Management and Innovation

  • The future of the construction industry and futures methodology
  • Offsite and modular construction, prefabrication and modern methods of construction (MMC)
  • Sustainable Energy and Construction

Sustainable energy management in construction

  • Community renewable energy schemes
  • Overheating of housing

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB)
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Member of Institute of Concrete Technology (MICT)
  • Member of the Concrete Society (Past Chair of Chilterns committee)

Research interests

Currently Deputy Director of the Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Construction Engineering (CICE)

Current Engineering Doctorate Research Engineers:

  • Wayne Dodds (Aecom) Durability assessment of concrete containing recycled materials and corrosion management of reinforced concrete structures, Oct 2013 - present.
  • Soretire Okufi (Civil Engineering Monitoring Ltd) Infrastructure and asset evaluation of corrosion-damaged reinforced concrete using real-time monitoring, Oct 2013 - present.
  • Aaron Lang (Aggregate Industries Ltd) Thermal mass in low energy dwellings, April 2013 - present.
  • Vasileios Vernikos (CH2M Halcrow) Realising Offsite in the Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Sector, April 2010 - present

Previous Engineering Doctorate Research Engineers:

  • Dave Rich (Lafarge) Measuring the performance and sustainability benefits of Self-Compacting Concrete, 2007 - 2013
  • Christian Christodoulou (Aecom) Assessment, Repair and Upgrading of Civil Structures, Oct 2009 - 2013

PhD Researchers:

  • Thanh Nguyen, Durability of fly ash geopolymer concrete, Dec 2011 - present
  • Ruting Sun, Concrete materials for musical manufacture, April 2011 - present
  • Phillip Leicester, Community renewable energy schemes, Oct 2010 - present
  • Stephen Porritt, Technologies for better adaptation to future extreme weather events, July 2008 - 2012
  • Michael McCarney, Interface management of offsite interfaces, (part time)

Visiting Researchers:

  • Luis Segura Castillo (UPC, Spain), April-Sept 2012
  • Isaac Galobardes Reyes (UPC, Spain), April-Sept 2012
  • Que Anh (NUCE, Vietnam), March-April 2012

Invited Lead Expert to the DTI/BIS Gov Office of Science Foresight's Sustainable Energy Management and the Built Environment (

Previous research projects

Co-Investigator on the £260k IOSH Managing Nanomaterials in Construction (MaNiC), (2013-15)

Co-Investigator on the £80k British Council, Towards Sustainable Building and Infrastructure in Indonesia network, (2013-14) 

Co-Investigator on £0.9m 6-university EPSRC SUE3 'Challenging Lockin of Urban Energy Systems' (CLUES) project investigating international community renewable energy schemes ( (2010-2012)

Principal Investigator on £75k British Council DelPHE 'Developing Sustainability in Developing Countries', together with th National University of Civil Engineering of Vietnam (2010-2013)

Advisor on EPSRC £1.4m 'Resilience of UK's future energy and transport infrastructure to natural and malicious threats', (2010-2013) (

Co-Investigator on £1.6m 14-university EPSRC 'Community Resilience to Extreme Weather' (CREW) project which aims to gain a better understanding of the effects of extreme weather events on buildings, people and local communities ( (2009-2011)

Principal Investigator on Sustainable iNet Assessment of sacrificial anode performance for concrete patch repairs (July-Aug 2011).

Co-Investigator on the £350k NERC Energyscape and Ecosystem Services project on Land-Based Renewables (2010-2011).

Principal Researcher on the EPSRC and IMRC-funded project Sustained Competitiveness in UK Construction project, or The Big Ideas for short (, investigating the future of the UK construction industry.

Principal Researcher on the DTI and industry-funded project prOSPa ("promoting Off Site Production applications"), and worked on the IMCRC-funded research project Building the Brand, Developing the Market for Branded Customised Buildings (2004 to 2005).

Chris is also still involved with the offsite and MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) research at Loughborough (

Chris completed his PhD at Loughborough in 2000 on wet-process sprayed concretes and mortars and still publishes widely in the area of concrete research (

  • Invited Lead Expert on UK Government Office of Science Foresight's 'Sustainable Energy Management and the Built Environment' (
  • Member of The Concrete Society Materials Group
  • Member of ICE 'Construction Materials' Editorial Advisory Panel (EAP)
  • Member of EERA European Energy Research Alliance - Smart Cities
  • Member of EPSRC Network LIMESNet: Low Impact Materials
  • Member of EPSRC Network NACNet: Cementing the Future
  • Reviewer for EPSRC, NSERC and British Council

Journal paper reviewer for:

  • Automation in Construction,
  • Building Research & Information,
  • Buildings,
  • Construction Information Quarterly,
  • Construction Management & Economics,
  • Construction Materials,
  • Journal of Construction Procurement,
  • Construction and Building Materials,
  • Construction Innovation,
  • Engineering, Construction & Architectural Management,
  • Engineering Education,
  • International Journal of Energy Sector Management.

Journal papers:

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