Caroline Field

  • Visiting Professor of Structural and Infrastructural Resilience

Caroline Field leads National Resilience at PA Consulting. She is an expert in resilience, spearheading an integrated, systems-based approach to understanding threats, vulnerabilities, and opportunities – helping clients determine the best strategy for investing in resilience measures to enable their strategic objectives.

Caroline has a background in asset and infrastructure resilience with over 26 years of professional experience including 12 years in counter-terrorism, blast mitigation, and physical security and 7 years in earthquake engineering and dynamics. She has spent the past 10 years combining this expertise with the social and people aspects of resilience, focusing on the resilience and adaptive capacity (of people and organisations).

Caroline is active in developing standards for resilience. She was Chair of the recently published British Standard on City Resilience, Co-Chair for the ASCE Infrastructure Resilience Division SPEED committee, Lead SME for the AEI Resilience program, and is currently the Chair of the ISO Urban Resilience Standard Working Group.

Caroline is a Royal Academy of Engineers Visiting Professor of Structural and Infrastructural Resilience at Loughborough University linking research and practice and helping to shape the future of the profession.