Dr Cagri Sanliturk


  • Lecturer in Architecture

Research and expertise

I see architecture as a transdisciplinary practice which includes fractions from arts, law, ethnography, politics, urban design and planning. Based on my previous experiences, I already have an understanding of how these fields correlate in spatial design and what is the importance of implementing this diversity in the success of the research.


My research has focused on the relation between theory and practice, understanding architecture through the lenses of politics, performance art, visual arts and narratives. I have particularly explored the everyday life practices of inhabitants and how they related to the controlling power within conflict studies. 

  • Art & Architecture
  • Architecture & Critical Theory
  • Architecture & Conflict Studies
  • Performative Affective Methodologies
  • Theory & Spatial Practice

Current research activity 

  • 2020 Co-author (Accepted and in progress - Final Draft) - Chapter submission for: Marko Jobst, Helene Frichot eds. Deleuze, Guattari and the Affects of Architecture. Stefan White, Stephen Walker, Mark Hammond, Cagri Sanliturk and Philip Hall-Patch. Title: Starting with difference: &rchitecture

Recent publications

  • 2019 - In edited book 'Civic Spaces and Desire’ by Diana Beljaars, Charles Drozynski, Alicia Nahmad-Vazquez. Section I: Spatial Politics of Desire; Chapter 2: Game of Being State: Encounter space and fictitious movements in prescriptive surveillance buffer zone village; Pyla. ISBN-10: 0815395264. https://www.routledge.com/Civic-Spaces-and-Desire/Drozynski-Beljaars/p/book/9780815395263 
  • 2019 - Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research “The City (Re)Shaped” by Emerald Group Publishing Title of paper: 'Problematising the peacebuilding strategies through performative interventions in Pyla. ISSN: 2631-6862. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1108/ARCH-05-2019-0126 
  • PhD by Design, Instant Journal, Issue 4 – Idea of self in practice-based research 2017 (Online: ISSN2396-8478; Print: ISSN 2396-846X) Title: Reflection on Session III: Self Becoming I


I contribute to learning and teaching activities including:


  • UG Year Tutor - Architecture (Part A)
  • Design Studio, BArch (Part A)
  • Critical Theory Module, BArch (Part B)
  • Design Interventions, BArch (Part C)


  • Supervision of dissertations on topics aligned to my research interests
  • PhD supervision


I write and research about in-between spaces/places and spatial practices of everyday life.

In 2020, I completed my doctoral study at the University of Sheffield where my research focused on Cyprus conflict and it looked beyond a radical ideology of conflict resolution; instead, it proposed an affective and transformative spatial methodology for working with and across conflict by engaging performative narratives.

I taught part-time at Manchester School of Architecture and Manchester Metropolitan University where I worked 2 years as a Lecturer (Research Methods 1 and 2) and a Design Tutor in MArch 6th year ateliers.

Education and academic qualifications

  • 2020 – Doctor of Philosophy, Performance of Being State, The University of Sheffield
  • 2013 – Master in Architectural Design, The University of Sheffield
  • 2012 – Bachelor in Architecture, The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), TRNC


  • EU Scholarship for Doctoral Studies Title of the Grant: Scholarships for the Turkish Cypriot community Programme

External activities

  • Invited speaker, Lecture at Manchester University – Methods and methodologies: feminist, critical spatial practices, participatory action research and performance, Manchester School of Architecture
  • Co-organiser PhD by Design conference ‘Idea of Self in Practice-led research’, University of Sheffield
  • Guest reviewer, University of Sheffield – MAUD and MAAD Final Thesis Studio
  • Substituting lecturer, University of Sheffield – Arc 203 Humanities/Global history of Architecture