Alireza Habibi

MSc in civil and environmental engineering

Pronouns: He/him
  • Doctoral Researcher

Research and expertise

I have experience in concrete technology, circular economy, life cycle assessment, sustainable construction materials and waste management.

Current research activity

  • Road Mapping Life Cycle Assessment and Approaches for Circular Manufacture Using Hybrid 3D Concrete Printing

Recently completed research projects

  • Development of circular concrete based on 3Rs strategy in waste, resource and carbon management via RSM-based optimizing
  • Project manager's assistant. "Developing a circular industrial waste management model, Butia Steel Company (BSC), Kerman, Iran"
  • Project manager's assistant. "Developing industrial and C&D waste management master plan", Sarcheshmeh copper complex, Rafsanjan, Iran

Recent publications


I hold a BSc and an MSc in civil engineering and environmental engineering, respectively. My MSc thesis, titled "Development of circular concrete based on 3Rs strategy in waste and resource management, and circular carbon economy via RSM-based optimizing," earned the prestigious Grade of Excellent (A plus=100%).

With a commitment to advancing knowledge, I successfully transformed my master's thesis into three impactful papers published in renowned journals. These include Resources, Conservation and Recycling (IF: 13.2), Construction and Building Materials (IF: 7.2), and European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering (IF: 2.1).

My professional journey encompasses valuable experience in waste and carbon management within the steel and cement industries, reflecting a dedication to sustainability. In 2023, I authored a comprehensive book titled "Circular Economy’s Principals in Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D W) Management (Approaches, Policy, Technology)," published by Imam Khomeini International University Press (IKIU).

I am currently pursuing my PhD at Loughborough University, UK, under the supervision of globally renowned professors, Dr Buswell and Dr Osmani. I am conducting research on "Road Mapping Life Cycle Assessment and Approaches for Circular manufacturing using Hybrid 3D Concrete Printing". I have published the first paper extracted from my PhD thesis in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, boasting an impressive Impact Factor of 16.

My academic journey reflects not only a commitment to excellence but also a passion for driving positive change in sustainable construction practices.

Professional affiliations

  • Doctoral researcher / School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University, UK