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Applied Aerodynamics

The high level aim of our work in Applied Aerodynamics is to carry out both experimental and computational research that leads to an enhanced understanding of industrially relevant aeronautical and automotive flow problems.

Across all our Applied Aerodynamics activities we have around 50 people including academic, research, administrative and technical staff. Below you can see the research centres and groups utilising our Applied Aerodynamics capabilities and some of the highlighted case studies.

Activities we address include but are not limited to:

  • High Speed Nozzle and Plume Studies
  • Combustion System Aerodynamics
  • Fuel Injector and Two-phase Flows
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Heat Transfer and Cooling
  • CFD Methods Development and Validation
  • Real world vehicle aerodynamics (PSi)
  • Surface Contamination (PSi)
  • Compressor-Combustor and Combustor-Turbine Interactions
  • Aerodynamics of Battle Damage to Lightweight UAV Structures
  • The Application of Active Flow Control to Three Dimensional Automotive Flows

Research Centres

Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC)

The Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in ‌Combustion System Aerothermal Processes represents a strong strategic partnership between academia and industry. The core aim of research conducted in the Loughborough UTC is to understand the complex aerodynamic processes occurring within gas turbine combustion systems and other related engine components.

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  • Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC)

    National Centre in Combustion and Aerothermal Technology (NCCAT)

    The National Centre in Combustion and Aerothermal Technology (NCCAT) will focus on the development of future low emission aerospace combustion systems that will reduce the environmental impact of aircraft. Rolls-Royce will be a lead partner in the project, building on the existing relationship between Loughborough University and Rolls-Royce.

    National Centre in Combustion and Aerothermal Technology (NCCAT)

    Research Groups

    Vehicle Aerodynamics

    The vehicle aerodynamics research group is one of the largest such University based research groups in the world. Research activity encompasses both experimental and computational approaches building strongly on the broader Loughborough capabilities in applied aerodynamics

    Vehicle Aerodynamics


    The Aeroacoustics research group is unique University based research groups at Loughborough. It has a wide range of research subjects, such as jet aircraft noise. The activities are supported by EPSRC, ATI and ARCHER.

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