Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering

Postgraduate research

Examples of recently awarded PhDs

  • The Study Of Simulated Battle Damage To A Wing Using Particle Image Velocimetry - supervised by: Dr Peter Render and Dr Duncan Walker
  • Real World Aerodynamics  - supervised by: Prof Gary Page
  • Optimisation Techniques for Combustor Wall Cooling - Supervised by: Dr Paul Denman
  • Local Delamination Failure in Thin Layer Material - Supervised by: Dr Andrew Watson and Dr Chris Harvey
  • Unsteady Aerodynamic Response Characteristics of Gas Turbine Fuel - Supervised by: Dr Andrew Garmony and Prof Jon Carotte
  • Cobustion Instability - supervised by: Prof Jon Carotte
  • System Examination for Optimisation Strategies - supervised by: Prof Rui Chen
  • Engine Thermal Management with Model Predictive Control - supervised by: Dr Thomas Steffen
  • Mixed-Mode fractures in 2D-Elastic Layered Materials - supervised by: Dr Andrew Watson, Dr Chris Harvey and Dr Simon Wang
  • On the Combustion of Premixed Natural Gas-Gasoline Dual Fuel Blends in SI Engines - supervised by: Dr Salah Ibrahim and Prof Rui Chen
  • Multiple Moving Object Tracking and Its Apllication in Autonomous Vehicles - supervised by: Prof Wen-Hua Chen
  • The Unknown Input Estimation Algorithms and Their Application in Fault Diagnosis - supervised by: Dr B Lin and Prof Wen-Hua Chen
  • Sensor Technology Insitu Monitoring of the Surface Temperature Distribution - supervised by: Dr Jung-Sik Kim and Prof Rob Thring
  • Advanced Ewliability Analysis of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells in Automotive Applications - supervised by: Dr Lisa Jackson and Dr Sarah Dunnett
  • Fabrication of Wavy Type Porous Triple-Layer SC-SOFC Via In-Situ Observation of Curvature Evolution During Co-Sintering - supervised by: Dr Andrew Watson and Dr Jung-Sik Kim
  • Numerical Modelling of the C-A_Impact Behaviour of the Compression-After-Impact - supervised by: Dr Andrew Watson and Dr Paul Cunningham
  • A Hybrid Appraoch to Tyre Modelling Based on Modal Testing and Non-Linear Tyre-Wheel Motion - supervised by: Dr Georgios Mavros
  • Fuel Injector Spray Diagnostic Development - supervised by: Dr Adrian Spencer and Prof Jon Carrotte
  • 1D Chemical Kinetics Modelling of Flame Propagation in SI Engines - supervised by: Prof Rui Chen
  • Mechanical Characterisation and Numerical Modelling of 3D Wen Composites - supervised by: Dr Paul Cunningham
  • Damping of structural vibrations by coupling to granular materials - supervised by: Prof Victor Krylov
  • Reduction of traffic induced ground vibrations by resonance scattering on large masses placed on the ground - supervised by: Prof Victor Krylov
  • The application of active flow control in the reduction of drag in highly three dimensional Automotive wakes - supervised by: Prof Martin Passmore
  • Investigations of the wake structures in static and oscillating automotive bluffs - supervised by: Prof Martin Passmore
  • Measurement and analysis of football aerodynamic performance data - supervised by: Prof Martin Passmore