Care leavers

Loughborough welcomes students who are leaving care to study at university. We believe anyone with the potential to study at university should have the opportunity.

What support is available?

Loughborough University provides a wide range of support for care leavers:

A bursary package of up to £4,500 per year in addition to Loughborough Scholarship Programme
Support while studying
Designated contact
52 week accommodation
Opportunity for paid work as a student ambassador

Choosing to go to university is an important and potentially difficult decision for all young people, though care leavers may face additional questions - who will help with the cost, what support is available and where will you live during vacations?

Support for care leavers going to university is available from the universities, as well as from the local authorities.

The Become Charity provides a summary of what each university offers to care leavers through their Propel webpages. This includes the contact details for the dedicated staff member who liaises with prospective care leaver students.

Like all students, care leavers are advised to do their research. To help make the right choice, talk to teachers, friends, parents, carers or social workers, and read the information available in our resource section.

Look through the university website and order a printed prospectus, read about the particular school or department you are interested in, and if possible, visit the university for one of the Open Days.

For young people in care in the East Midlands who are considering going to university, we offer:

  • A non-residential University Summer School (two days duration), which gives students a realistic and enjoyable taste of university life (run in collaboration with the University of Leicester, De Montfort University). This is open each year to young people in care aged 16 and older.
  • Student shadowing opportunities

Anyone interested in the University Summer School or student shadowing opportunities should contact David Hollis.

Get in touch

When applying to study at Loughborough University, we encourage care leavers to declare their time in care on the UCAS application or to contact us directly.

This information goes no further than our dedicated care leavers contact, Veronica Moore, but will allow us to offer you support, including accessing the generous care leavers' bursary.

We are happy to receive enquiries from young people in care who are considering higher education, and from carers, care workers, designated teachers, and those already in receipt of an offer to study at Loughborough.