Postgraduate study

Mathematics Education Centre

We are one of one of the largest groups of mathematics education researchers in the UK with an international reputation for research and practice in teaching and learning mathematics.

Our facilities

Our extensive range of first-class facilities are designed to help you throughout your studies and fully-equip you for your future endeavours.

Our superb 440 acre, single-site campus offers great facilities for every aspect of student life, and is home to a thriving postgraduate community of over 4,000 students. You will benefit from a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, with comprehensive support systems and incredible opportunities to get involved in social activities, sport, volunteering and the arts.

Our facilities are set within the newly refurbished Schofield Building at the heart of the Loughborough campus. These include the Schofield Cognition Lab: a child-friendly laboratory for conducting experimental or observational studies with young children, and an eye-movement lab equipped with a state-of-the-art eye-tracker.