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Tuition fees

Tuition fees cover the cost of your registration, teaching, assessment, and operating university facilities such as the library, IT equipment, and other support services.

Loughborough Campus

These are the standard tuition fees. The fees for some programmes are above the standard fee. University fees and charges can be paid in advance and there are several methods of payment, including online payments and payment by instalment. Special arrangements are made for payments by part-time students.

2017/18 UK/EU and International Students

Taught ProgrammesUK/EUInternational
PGT Band 1  £7,250 £16,100
PGT Band 2  £12,500 £18,500
PGT Band 3  £9,000 £20,500
PGT Band 4  £12,500 £20,500

Specific fee information is listed under each taught programme.

Research PostgraduateUK/EUInternational
Research (Band 1) TBC £20,500
Research (Band 2) TBC £16,000


London Campus

Fees vary by programme, for more detailed information visit our dedicated London website.

2017/18 UK/EU and International Students

Taught Postgraduate LevelUK/EUInternational
Postgraduate Band 1 £10,000 £17,000
Postgraduate Band (Diplomacy) £10,000 £18,500
Postgraduate Band 2 £10,000 £22,650
Postgraduate Band 3 £13,200 £23,950


Research PostgraduateUK/EUInternational
Research Classroom based TBC £16,000
Research Laboratory-based TBC £20,500

Fee status

We will advise you whether you are considered to be a UK/EU or international student based on the details you provide on your application form together with any supplementary information you may have supplied.

Your status as a UK/EU or international student will determine the fees you pay, and the funding you may be eligible to receive/apply for.

You can find more information about your fee status, including how we define a UK/EU student here