Postgraduate study

Government sponsored students

We are home to a number of students who are sponsored by the government in their home country.

We are delighted that you have selected Loughborough University as your potential institution for study. Each year, the university welcomes students who have obtained sponsorship from the government in their home country to study at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level. Below, there is some important information of which government sponsored students should be aware.

Prior to arrival

It is important to let the university know if you are expecting a sponsor to cover the costs of your tuition fees. This is usually confirmed by your sponsor in the form of an award letter which includes the following information:

  • student name
  • sponsor's student reference number (where applicable)
  • programme of study for which the student is being sponsored
  • academic year for which the student is being sponsored
  • amount (in £ Sterling) that the sponsor will pay
  • sponsor name
  • address to which invoice should be sent
  • payment contact details (name, e-mail address and telephone number).

Award letters must be on letter headed paper and signed by the appropriate signatory. Please note that until an award letter has been submitted, the university will consider you to be a self-funded student.

Undergraduate sponsored students should contact the International Office at to supply a scanned copy of their original award letter.

If you are a postgraduate applicant, please upload a copy of your award letter onto the Postgraduate Application Portal at the time of application. This will enable the university to charge your tuition fees accordingly. There are further guidelines available within the online application form.

Documents required

Upon arrival in the UK, both undergraduate and postgraduate students must ensure that you have with you the original award letter. You must submit this to the finance department after registration

If you do not provide us with details of your sponsor during registration, or if you are assessed by a sponsor as ineligible for funding, you will become liable for payment of any fees due and will be asked to pay your fees in order to complete financial registration.