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Travelling to and from work

‌Jump on the bus

Kinch Hopper Bus

If you’re commuting by train you can jump on the Kinchbus Number 7 from Loughborough Railway station, which will bring you straight to campus. During term-time it runs every ten minutes from various points across campus, so whether you’re on your way in or heading home after a long day, remove the stress from your journey and just hop on.

On your bike!

Cycle2Work scheme

The University is committed to creating a green campus and promoting health and fitness amongst employees. In support of this we run a scheme to help employees with the cost of purchasing a bicycle and related equipment, where you can save up to 42% on the cost of a bicycle. So if you’re considering cycling to work, we could save you some serious money.
The Cycle2Work scheme is only available to employees who have completed six months service with the University. For more information on the scheme visit the Cycle2Work website
You may also like to visit the LUBUG website (Loughborough University Bicycle Users’ Group) for information on cycling in and around Loughborough.

Cars on campus

A parking permit system is in operation across campus for those that need to travel to and from work by car. As part of our commitment to creating a green campus, the lower the emissions are on your car, the less your permit costs. 
For further details, please visit Traffic and parking

Car Share Scheme

Travelling by car with other people is an easy way to cut your CO2 emissions and save some money. We encourage staff to set up informal arrangements with family, friends and colleagues, or to join up to the University’s Car Share Scheme.
The scheme enables employees to search for colleagues doing a similar journey to work to arrange to share their journeys. More information on the University’s scheme can be found at

Our guarantee that you’ll get home...

The University offers a Guaranteed Ride Home Scheme for those taking part in the car share scheme. The scheme reimburses the cost of public transport or taxi fares should your car share partner be called away on an unforeseen emergency.

Season Ticket Loan Scheme‌

Loughborough University offers employees an interest-free annual season ticket loan to cover the cost of public travel between home and the workplace.

The scheme allows employees to make financial savings whilst encouraging the use of public transport wherever practicable.

Buying an annual season ticket is generally cheaper than purchasing weekly or monthly tickets with some operators offering an annual ticket for the equivalent price of 40 weekly tickets.

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