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Childcare Information

Notes for parents seeking day-care provision for children.

Campus Nursery

Loughborough University subsidises places for the children of staff at Loughborough Campus Nursery. The subsidy is 60 pence per hour.

The registered day nursery takes pre-school children from the age of three months and is based on campus. It is run by the Student Union and is open 8am to 6pm all year, except for certain University shutdown periods. There is a waiting list for places and you are encouraged to contact the nursery as soon as possible. You may be offered an unsubsidised place pending a vacancy for a subsidised one. For a copy of the nursery prospectus contact the Nursery on 01509-234126 or email nursery@lsu.co.uk.  Further details are available from the Students' Union nursery webpage: www.lsu.co.uk/services/nursery/ 

Childcare Voucher Scheme

Busy Bees

Loughborough University, in conjunction with Busy Bees, has introduced a system whereby part of your salary can be exchanged for childcare vouchers, as part of its family friendly initiative. These vouchers are exempt from National Insurance contributions and income tax and therefore represent a saving for employees who use them to purchase childcare. See Childcare Voucher Scheme for further information.

Leicestershire County Council, Early Years and Childcare Service  (Everything parents need to know about childcare) has comprehensive information on childcare provision from newborn to age16+.

You, as the parent or guardian should be aware that you must check to see if the establishment can provide the appropriate care service to meet the particular needs of your individual child.

When should you start looking for childcare?

  • As soon as possible. Give yourself time to visit and choose wisely. You may wish to look for an establishment before your baby is born, or some weeks before returning to work or studies etc.
  • Most establishments provide written information about their services and should have a comprehensive document which sets out the aims and objectives, terms and conditions.
  • Ask for a copy of their terms and conditions.
  • Before visiting the establishment give some thought to what questions you wish to ask. Don’t be afraid to raise issues that are important to you.

Some of the issues you might want to raise or make observations about could be:

• Are you made welcome?
• Is the establishment welcoming in itself, is it bright, colourful, clean and well presented?
• Is the atmosphere comfortable and relaxed? Are staff and children working closely together? Are they happy and talking to each other?
• Do the babies get individual attention? Are they content and stimulated?
• What activities does the establishment provide? How much is structured and how much is free play? Ask to see a sample day’s programme.
• What opportunities exist for trips out? Are transportation arrangements satisfactory?
• Do activities take into account children’s ages, stages of development or special needs?
• Do the activities positively reflect the multi-cultural society in which we live?
• Is the equipment well maintained, clean and varied?
• Where will your child eat and sleep?
• What meals are provided? Ask to see a sample week’s menu.
• What is the establishment’s approach or policy in respect to discipline or sanctions? Are these available in written form?
• What are the qualifications and experience of staff?
• Will the establishment be prepared to involve you in the planning of your child’s development?
• Ask about fire evacuation procedures and if there is a qualified first aider on the premises.
• Ask about the establishment’s insurance. Details should be displayed.
• Is the establishment really prepared to share in the caring of your child? Are they prepared to be supportive, flexible, reliable and understanding?
• Spend some time at the establishment. Talk not only to the Officer-In-Charge or the owner, but if possible to staff and parents as well. You will get more of an overall feel for the establishment in this way.
• You may wish to ask the establishment if you can see copies of their inspection reports.
• A copy of the Required Minimum Standards document should be made available to you.

Do not be afraid to ask searching questions. The establishment is selling you a service and it is your right to choose from a range of options the one which best suits the needs of your child.

You have the right to ensure that the well-being of your child will be upheld and that the standards of care offered meet your own.

On the whole, establishments should offer children a caring, safe and stimulating environment in which to grow and develop. However, if a major problem arises and you are concerned about any aspects relating to the way in which the establishment is caring for your child, in the first instance try to resolve this by speaking to the owner or the Officer-In-Charge. If you still have concerns you may wish to contact the Children's Information Service, Telephone: 0116 265 6545, Fax: 0116 265 6331, Minicom: 0116 265 6586 or E-mail: childcare@leics.gov.uk


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