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New Students

For the Autumn Term, all new students should arrive on the date allocated to their Hall.  This is before the Autumn Term starts to allow for registration, inductions, etc.  The cost for this is included in the '1st Instalment wef Fresher Week' as shown on the Hall Fees Guide.

If you are unable to arrive on the allocated date, you must advise both the Student Accommodation Centre to ensure that your room is held for you and arrangements are made for you to collect your keys (full Licence fees remain applicable).  You are at risk of losing your room if you arrive late without prior notice.  

No rooms will be held after Friday 7 October 2016.

Hall Arrival Dates

Tue 27 Sept 16    

Wed 28 Sept 16  

Thu 29 Sept 16   

David Collett Butler Court Falkner Eggington
Elvyn Richards Cayley John Phillips
Royce Faraday Robert Bakewell
Towers Harry French (Undergraduates) Rutherford
William Morris Hazlerigg Rutland Telford
    The Holt
    Harry French (Postgraduates)
    Forest Court

When to Arrive

In order to ensure your arrival goes as smoothly as possible, please book an ‘arrival slot’. This will help our Hall and Warden teams to ensure you can collect your keys and complete our arrival process without too much delay!

In order to take part in Fresher activities, you are expected to arrive on your Hall arrival date as detailed above. Please book your arrival slot for your anticipated time of arrival at Loughborough.

You should aim to arrive between 10am and 4pm on the arrival date for your hall.  Once your academic place at Loughborough is confirmed, you will be able to go online and book your arrival slot in advance.

If you plan to arrive by car, please be patient and follow the instructions given on arrival, these are designed to allow the University to cope with the increased volume of traffic. With so many people arriving in such a short space of time things can get a little hectic, this can be alleviated by arriving during your time slot.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for detailed arrival information. We recommend that you check for any updated information on our announcements page prior to your arrival.

Your room

Key/proximity card

Everyone is issued with a key to their room, block access is via a card entry system. Where a card entry system is in place, your University ID card will provide you with access to your block (excluding Unite halls). Be sure to lock the outer door at night and always lock your room when you are out, taking your keys/ID card with you. If you lock yourself out of your room contact your Hall/Site Manager or Sub-Wardens/Warden if out of office hours. If you lose your keys then please report this to the Hall/Site Manager who will issue you with a replacement key set for which a charge will apply.

Please remember to hand in your key to your Hall/Site Manager at the end of your Licence term or you will be charged.  Replacement ID cards are issued from the Parcels and Card Office. DO NOT punch a hole in your ID card and attach it to your keys, it will stop it from working.  Card holders and lanyards are available from the Parcels and Card Office.


University Halls

All University Halls have bedroom cleaning provided, the fee you pay for your Hall will reflect this. Your room will be cleaned fortnightly during term time – cleaning days will be displayed in each block/flat. It is your responsibility to change your bed, wash your bed linen and keep your room tidy.

Communal areas including shared bathrooms and kitchens/snack rooms will be cleaned regularly as long as they are free from personal items and do not prevent access to the surfaces. In addition, each area will contain a kitchen  rota – please check for your duty day. Students are responsible for the sorting and segregating of all rubbish into recycling and general waste from their rooms and kitchens. Recycling poster in hall kitchens will provide further information on how to recycle properly.

Unite Halls (Harry French, The Holt and William Morris)

You are responsible for cleaning your own bedroom (including en-suite) and keeping it tidy.

Communal areas including shared bathrooms and kitchens will be cleaned regularly as long as they are free from personal items and do not prevent access to the surfaces.  Please see relevant Hall page for further information.

No cleaning provided in self-contained one bedroom flats and studios.

Heating Schedule

All Halls (excluding Forest Court - flats have individually controlled boilers)


Monday - Friday  07:00 - 10:00 / 16:00 - 22:00

Weekends: 08:00 - 10:00 / 16:00 - 23:00

November - April (inclusive)

Monday - Friday  07:00 - 11:00 / 16:00 - 23:00

Weekends: 08:00 - 23:00

May - June (inclusive)

Monday - Friday  07:00 - 10:00 / 16:00 - 22:00

Weekends: 08:00 - 10:00 / 16:00 - 23:00

July - September

Heating off

Please note, adjustment to the various heating systems may take a few days either side of these dates.  The times are also subject to variation in the event of unusually cold or hot weather. 

Quiet rooms

An increasing number of students each year ask to live in quiet areas. Anyone living within a quiet flat would be required to cooperate with the concept of being quiet and respecting the needs of others.  Residents of quiet flats who do not comply could face disciplinary action and may be moved elsewhere. The identification of quiet areas does not mean that it is acceptable to make excessive noise in the remaining parts of the residences. Persistently noisy individuals or groups will not be tolerated. If you are being annoyed by noise, firstly speak to the culprit politely. If they do not respond positively you should raise the matter with the Warden Team. Disciplinary action will be taken against persistent offenders. FAQ: Can I choose a quiet room?


Room contents insurance is included in your Hall fees.  Laptops are not covered under accidental damage, there are additional options available to add onto your student room Insurance cover. You are advised to view your policy details and purchase top-up cover if necessary.  Please note that bicycles are not covered in room insurance – please see further information regarding bikes.

IT services

For information on connecting to the internet and guidance on all your IT requirements whilst in Halls, please visit the HallNet section on the IT Services website.  Find out how you can install a free version of the latest Microsoft Office.

TV Licence

If you plan to bring a television set for your room, you should ensure that you have a valid UK television licence.

Useful information

Fees, documents and forms

Hall fees:

How and when to pay for accommodation and other fees.

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What we provide:

For information including room types, what to bring and what is provided.

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Hall User Guides:

This information is a guide to the facilities provided in your hall.

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Starter Pack:

Why not take some of the stress out of arrival day by ordering a bedding or kitchen starter pack?

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Post and parcels:

Where your post and parcels can be collected from.

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Security Patrol Officers operate on a continuous shift pattern to provide 24 hour cover for all areas of the University

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Car Parking:

Due to restricted parking spaces on campus, parking permits are not usually granted to first year students.  Applications for  permits will open online from August each year.

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