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Re-applying to hall

Current Undergraduate students (except Foundation Art & Design*)

We’re not just here for freshers - continue the Loughborough Experience in University Halls

Did you know that you can apply to stay with us throughout your studies at Loughborough?  It's easy to apply!

Applications can be made online between 10.00am on Thursday 1 December 2016 and 12 noon on Friday 27 January 2017. Just click on the Accommodation login tab.

If you are re-applying to return to hall for 2017/18, please take note of the following:

*Art Foundation students:  If you are currently on the Art Foundation programme, you will NOT be able to apply as a returning student.  You should apply for your accommodation via UCAS as a new Undergraduate student, you will receive further information on how and when to apply from May 2017.

 Catered Halls

 Self Catered Halls

 Overall numbers of beds available

A third of halls rooms are available to returning students.

Room Bond

The room bond for next year is £150.  Payment is due upon acceptance of your accommodation Licence. 

Licence Agreement

The Halls Information pages and Licence Terms and Conditions are a part of your Licence Agreement that you sign for your room. See the Fees, documents and forms page.

Early Termination of the Licence: At the Students's Request

If you wish to cancel a previously accepted contract, the following clause will apply from the Terms & Conditions of Occupancy:

6.2.4      If the Student wishes to cancel this Licence before the start of the Licence Period they may do so prior to 1 June 2017, but must submit a completed Accommodation Cancellation Form and pay a cancellation charge to the University as follows.

         Date Cancellation Form Received                    Cancellation Charge

                on or before 30 April 2017                                         £75
                1 May – 31 May 2017                                               £150

From 1 June 2017 if the student wishes to terminate the Licence, clause 6.2.5 will apply (unless the Student falls into one of the categories listed in clause 6.1 or exercises their right to cancel under clause 12).

 6.2.5          If the Student wishes to terminate the Licence from 1 June 2017 and before the start of the Licence Period, all Licence Fees are applicable unless and until the University grants a Licence of the Premises to another student reasonably acceptable to the University and not already applied for University accommodation.   It will be primarily the Student’s responsibility to find the replacement occupier.  A cancellation charge of £150 will apply.

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