Institute of Advanced Studies

Visiting Fellows

We are delighted to be welcoming the following IAS academic visitors to our campuses over the next Semester.

Professor John Downey, Academic Lead for ‘Communication’

Professor Downey talks about the first theme for this year – ‘Communication’ and how it will boost existing research activity in this area, notably the CRCC.

Communication theme

Gianpietro Mazzoleni and Sergio Splendore, University of Milan – 7-14 October
S. Shyam Sundar, Penn State University – 3-9 November
Peter Bajomi-Lazar, Central European University – 8-10 November
Miklos Sükösd, University of Copenhagen – 9-10 November
Daniel Smilov, University of Sofia – 9-10 November
Marius Dragomir, Central European University – 9-10 November
Andras Bozoki, Central European University – 9-10 November
David Lyon, Queens University Canada – 20-22 November
Oksana Sarkisova, Central European University – 27 November – 2 December
Janet Wasko, University of Oregan – December
Mathias Broth, Linkoeping University - 15-19 January
Pentti Haddington, University of Oulu - 15-19 January
Eric Laurier, University of Edinburgh - 15-19 January


Migration theme

Danny Dorling, University of Oxford – 4-5 December

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