Institute of Advanced Studies

IAS PhD Workshop ‘Ethnicity And Representation/ Photography And Memory’

Presented By Dr Oksana Sarkisova (CEU) 

Date: 28 November 2017
Time: 10:00-13:00
Location: Stewart Mason Building SMB.1.03

About this event

Oksana will give a brief informal introduction to various aspects of her work followed by presentations by students working on topics related to Ethnicity and Representation/ Photography and Memory, and discussion. To guarantee your place please book here.

10.00 Oksana Sarkisova: brief introduction to her research projects followed by brief Q&A

10.30 Project Presentations: brief 5 min presentation followed by discussion

10.30 Yingzi Wang, “Chinese television between propaganda and entertainment, 1992-2017.”

10.45 Cuomu Zhaxi, "Inclusion and Exclusion: Media representations of Tibetans on the China Central Television and the audiences”.

11.00 Leila Wilmers “Negotiating diversity in Russian national identity”

11.15 Sophie Hyde “‘United We Stand’: Using Digital Verbatim Poetry to (Re)present Expressions of Identity and Ideas of Imagined Community in the 2011 Birmingham Riots.”

11.30 "Migrant Memory and the Post-colonial Imagination" project (PI: Emily Keightley)

11.30 Introduction to the project by RAs Chloe Alaghband-Zadeh and Clelia Clini.

11.40 Julia Giese (project PhD student): TITLE tba

11.55 Discussion of the project and conclusion

12.15-13.00 Lunch and informal discussion