Welcome to Loughborough University's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Plus (LGBT+) Staff Group

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Welcome to the Staff LGBT+ Group for Loughborough University!

Throughout the year we aim to put on a schedule of group meetings, social events and educational talks. All group members are welcome and encouraged to get involved and organise events.

We are an inclusive group, as indicated by the + in our name. If you are wondering whether you would be able to become a member then the answer is almost certainly Yes. Anybody with an interest in the area who is supportive and respectful of its other members is welcome to join the group. Staff from tenant organisations are welcome to join us, at the discretion of their employers.

We are conscious of discretion and there is no requirements to be "out", either to your friends, family or colleagues, to be a member of the group.

The group exists as one of the Equality and Diversity support groups created and facilitated by our HR Department - but we're much more than that. The group aims to be 3 things:

A Champion of Diversity

- raising matters of concern and issues facing the LGBT community and/or our individual members with the University.

A Supporting Ally

- ensuring there is somewhere LGBT staff can talk openly and feel they belong.

- helping welcome new LGBT staff and ensure they feel supported.

- maintaining strong links with the Students' Union LGBT group to form a campus community.

A Promoter of LGBT+ Issues

- organising interesting and enjoyable events for the the whole University and surrounding community to inform, educate and entertain, in order to further equality and understanding.