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Justin C. Mosley

After studying his Undergraduate degree in Economics at Florida Atlantic University, Justin Mosley joined Loughborough University to study MSc Economics and Finance, graduating in 2016.

Please tell us the top two reasons why you decided to come to Loughborough University:

1.  The academic reputation of the University as a whole, and more specifically the reputation of the school of Business and Economics.

2. The athletic facilities and the availably to train with high level athletes. Physical fitness is a priority in my life, so choosing Loughborough University made perfect sense. Loughborough has elite level equipment and facilities that allows me to remain active and strong throughout my academic journey.

How did you fund your master’s degree?

I served 6 years in the United States Navy, which provided the opportunity to have the Department of Veterans Affairs via the Post 9/11 GI Bill, pay my tuition and provide a living stipend. Serving my country was absolutely amazing and the United States pay their gratitude buy financially supporting their veterans and allowing us to focus on studying full time to make the most out of the opportunity.

We’d love to know the top three things about your experience so far:

1.  Banking and Financial Markets is my favorite class thus far. I am really fascinated about what caused the events leading up to the financial crisis and this class gives a detailed account of the big picture and all the major players that help cause the global event.   

2. Power Base is my favorite place on campus. When I am not sitting in a lecture or in the library, you can find me at Power Base. 

3. The locating of the University is great. I have travelled to many cities in England and due to the fact the Loughborough is centrally located it is extremely easy to take weekend trips to cool locations.

Please tell us about any specific support from your department:

All the professors and advisors have been amazing. If I ever need anything, someone is always there to help.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to work for an investment bank.

How do you think studying this course at Loughborough University will help you achieve these ambitions?

Studying at Loughborough has improved my critical thinking skills and given me the confidence to research and find solutions that may go against conventional wisdom. 

Tara Bailey

This has really helped me to make friends outside of my course

What course are you studying?

MSc Exercise Physiology

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

I weighed up the cost versus the opportunities available. Leaving home and travelling across the Atlantic to come and study in the UK I wanted to make sure I was choosing the best place possible to study. I spent 4 months researching the rankings of the course and University as well as the location in terms of travelling within Europe. My first impressions of the campus upon arrival was that it was very pretty and reminded me of home, coming from a small town in Michigan.

How would you best describe Loughborough University to a prospective student?

The professors are incredibly passionate about their subject areas and this helps motivate the students in class particularly when the Professors are referencing their own research. Our very first lecture was by Professor Clyde Williams, he has a building named after him on campus – so is a pretty big deal in Sports Science! The other aspect of my course I really enjoy is the fact that we are taught by different Professors specialising in their subject area, rather than 1 professor covering lots of subjects. I am also very impressed by the safety of the campus, with 24 hr security and being located near to a small town I feel very safe walking around at night. Plus the facilities on the campus mean everything is accessible; a medical centre, pharmacy, dentist, opticians and hairdressers all on campus – alongside shops and restaurants, I can also get my grocery shopping delivered to my accommodation which is great!  When I first moved into my hall of residence I was pleased to see that Loughborough University is really diverse – all of my 7 roommates come from different countries and are studying different degrees, this has really helped me to make friends outside of my course.

Kelsey Cuddy

Photo credit: Joe Pinchin Photo credit: Joe Pinchin



What course are you studying?

MSc Business Analysis and Management

How did you hear about Loughborough?

I played Basketball at College and heard through friends that the eligibility rules were different in the UK, so I could continue playing Basketball whilst studying for my masters. We happened to have a coach come over from Loughborough to deliver some clinics and he explained the setup of competitive and College Basketball in the UK, as well as the fantastic reputation of Loughborough University in sports.

Why did you choose Loughborough University?

Having never studied abroad due to my Basketball commitments I was keen to travel and to be able to continue playing Basketball whilst studying my masters in one year was the perfect opportunity. I made contact with the Loughborough coach that had come to visit our College and I applied for and received an elite athlete scholarship for Women’s Basketball at Loughborough. I looked at a couple of other options in the UK, but none could match the scholarship or support I was being offered at Loughborough and I wanted to keep studying rather than finding a job in the real world!

How would you best describe Loughborough University to a prospective student?

Coming from a small College, I found the huge campus a little overwhelming at first, but I really like the town and the students union – it's a great meeting place. The Professors here are easy-going and approachable, though I did find the teaching style different, especially with some of my modules being wholly exam based, so I make sure when I’m not playing Basketball that I’m studying and organising my time effectively. I don’t have time for a job at the moment as we train every day and then have matches a couple of times a week. As well as playing in the BUCS (inter-university league), I also play for a National Basketball League Division 1 side, so I’m really enjoying meeting new people outside of University too. The other great perks to the Basketball scholarship (as well as reducing the cost of my tuition) is the dedicated hours at the elite athlete gym on campus and the access to physiotherapists and nutritional advice too. Overall, I’m really enjoying my time here and am so happy I get to continue playing Basketball whilst also getting my master’s degree.

Romanda Miller

Romanda Miller is an American student who is currently in the third year of her PhD in Sports Biomechanics at Loughborough University.

Here she shares a little bit about her time at Loughborough University, including why she chose to study here, how she has found her educational experience, what she has got up to outside of her studies and what she plans on doing next. 

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University?

After researching different schools in the UK, I knew Loughborough was where I wanted to be. The reputation of the sports program here is well known throughout the world and I felt that Loughborough was just the place to help me achieve my goals and start my career within the field. 

Why did you choose to study your programme?

I have always wanted to work within the sports industry and have a background in sports science. Narrowing my PhD research to biomechanics was a natural progression. I have always enjoyed studying human movement and how it relates to sports and this program lets me do just that. 

How have you found the teaching on your course?

As a PhD we do not attend classes in the way that an undergraduate does. However, I have found the lectures and supervisors within my department to be really helpful.  I am lucky to be able to work with some of the leading names within sports biomechanics and they have always been there to offer their support and guidance when needed. 

What sort of support and help did you receive to help you adjust to living and studying in the UK?

When I first moved to the UK I relied a lot on student services and my colleagues to help me adjust. Student services were great in helping me make sure I had all my paperwork in order for visas, housings, and other needs. However, I relied on my colleagues just to show me the ropes on what it means to be a student in Loughborough. 

How have you found the student experience at Loughborough? What have you been involved in outside of your degree?

I have found the student experience in Loughborough to be very rewarding. Outside of my degree I am a subwarden for one of the halls on campus and also a member of the Disney Society. It is because of the student experience that homesickness has not been a great issue. The student experience has made my transition to a new country really easy. I have made some wonderful friends and have some great stories to tell my family back home! 

What do you hope to do when you graduate? How will your Loughborough experience help with this?

When I graduate I hope to find a job as a post doc or go into the sports industry in some way. I fully believe that my time here will help me excel in both of the areas. The knowledge and experience I have gained within the last 3 years have been top notch. Since my time here I have taught classes, worked with different sporting agencies, and work on different committees within the university. All these things and more I feel has helped me gain the skills I need to succeed in this field.  

What do you enjoy most about your time at Loughborough?

I think the thing I will look back most on is the friends I have made. They really helped me have a true Loughborough Experience, and it has been great!

To anyone considering Loughborough for their degree, I say:

Do it! I love Loughborough and I would tell them they would not find a better place to do their degree.