Postgraduate taught

About the MSc

The postgraduate taught programmes in Chemistry at Loughborough draw on a common pool of modules and offer flexible study leading to a variety of degree titles.

Course content

You can choose the modules/title that most suits your career plans, but if having entered the programme you change your mind, you can switch to a different group of modules and change your degree title to reflect the revised programme content.

Course structure

The full-time MSc programme is studied over a full calendar year and is based on 180 credits. The programmes normally intake in October and are available as either:

  • One year full-time study leading to a Master of Science degree.
  • Study on a part-time basis (over 2 - 5 years), leading to the award of a Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits), Diploma (120 credits) or Master of Science degree (180 credits),depending on the number of modules passed.
  • Participation in individual modules without necessarily progressing to a programme award.
  • Professionals already working in industry often study individual modules for continuing professional development (CPD), but many also study groups of modules leading to one of the programme awards.

Course delivery

The mode of delivery, via a combination of self-learning and short courses, provides a high degree of flexibility for both full-time students and for those already in full-time employment who wish to widen their expertise through part time study. The choice of emphasis available through the elective modules gives each programme relevance to a wide range of employment fields.

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Career prospects

Graduates of the MSc courses can expect to develop their careers in the pharmaceutical and food industry, analytical and environmental laboratories, public and regulatory utilities, industrial laboratories, or go on to study for a PhD.