The Department of Chemistry at Loughborough University currently comprises 26 research active members of academic staff, together with a number of visiting/Emeritus academics and some 20 members of technical, secretarial and support staff.

The department typically has well over 50 research students and a dozen postdoctoral researchers. In addition there are usually around 50 MSc students in the department. Many students come to study from abroad, and there are research students and visitors from all over the world currently studying and carrying out research in the department.

The department is housed in a four storey building and is very well equipped to carry out research spanning all the traditional branches of chemistry (analytical, environmental, inorganic, organic and physical) and which contributes to four active research themes ( Energy, Environment, Security and Health). A separate building houses environmental radiochemistry and X-ray crystallography.

Major research equipment includes excellent nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy facilities including two Bruker 400 MHz NMR spectrometers and a 500 MHz solid state NMR spectrometer, overseen by a full time experimental officer. Mass spectrometry includes QToF, quadrupole GC-MS, LC-ToF, IPC-MS and a high-resolution sector instrument.

Analytical and separation science is a key area and there are excellent facilities for HPLC, supercritical fluid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis. Equipment pertinent to work in areas related to physical chemistry includes a quartz crystal microbalance, two nanosecond laser flash photolysis systems, near-IR detectors for singlet oxygen measurements, and time-correlated single photon counting apparatus. X-ray diffraction equipment includes a Bruker APEX 2 single crystal diffractometer equipped with an Oxford Cryostream and a Rigaku four circle machine equipped with Cu radiation.

Other facilities include CHN elemental analysis, thermogravimetric analysis and electrical workshops. In addition, the strong inter-departmental links across campus means we have a large range of additional, state of the art, techniques at our disposal.