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Overseas Professional Development Project (PDP)Opportunities for MEng Students

All our MEng students undertake a Professional Development Project (PDP) in the second semester of Part C. We have a number of exchange agreements with overseas universities both in European countries and further afield, which enable our students to undertake their project overseas and experience life in a different culture.

We have particularly close links with Universities in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Belgium through the Erasmus programme, and outside the EU in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Students are supervised locally on their projects by an academic member of staff at the University. The local supervisors always speak good English, but students on placement in Europe naturally become very fluent in the local language just by virtue of living in the country.

In 2013 (February to June) just over half of our MEng students are taking their PDP at an overseas University, with another 15% based at a company (either in the UK or overseas). The remaining students are performing individual research projects in Loughborough.

You can read about some of our student placements below

Caroline Tsvigu

University of Bologna

Caroline Tsvigu

Pictured above is Caroline Tsvigu just a couple of weeks into her PDP in February 2013 at the University of Bologna - a top Italian University. Her project is on gas separations using membranes and she is using the equipment in the photo to measure the permeability (the ease of which gases permeate through a material) of her membranes to different gases.

“Having spent my third year out in industry with Johnson Matthey, I chose to do my PDP at a university overseas conducting research in order to gain a different experience. I was drawn to the University of Bologna for its expertise in my chosen area of research and its cultural history.

Currently, my research is on the permeability of membranes and their characterisation for future use in gas separation applications. I am thoroughly enjoying the work which provides its own set of responsibilities and challenges which I relish the opportunity to overcome. My supervisor and fellow co-workers are all very supportive and friendly which makes my time in Bologna especially pleasant.

As an Erasmus student, it’s not all about work. When I’m not in the laboratory, I get to explore parts of Bologna and get immersed in the culture. The city has a lot to offer, be it trying out ‘Lasagne Verdi alla Bolognese’, or taking a walk under the picturesque porticoes; the opportunities are plentiful.

My time in Bologna is helping to build my confidence, time management skills and flexibility which will all be beneficial as a Chemical Engineer.”

Dan Chowdhury

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Dan Chowdhury

“I’m working with the Food Technology Department at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, as part of my Project Development Programme.

I am specifically working with emulsions – I’m in the process of evaluating whether a new membrane emulsification technology is practical for the production of complex emulsions.  The end game is to try to prove that something like low-fat mayonnaise can be produced cheaply and efficiently, with absolutely no compromise in taste – as opposed to today’s higher priced yet blander variants.  If successful, we could see this technology, or its derivatives, on an industrial scale in the coming years.

I’ve really enjoyed working for myself and knowing I can produce the best paper that I’m capable of.  It’s also great to know that you’re working on something cutting edge in an environment where you’re surrounded by students working on equally interesting things.

This has also been an excellent opportunity to improve my laughable school German!  
So all in all, I’m looking forward to producing some ground-breaking stuff, and look forward to seeing my work in your fridges in the coming years!”

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