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Chemical Engineering

Wen-Feng Lin

Professor Wen-Feng Lin BSc, MSc, PhD, FRSC

Professor of Chemical Engineering

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Professor Lin has particular expertise in physical chemistry, electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering. The primary themes of his research are related to energy, environment and water. He collaborates internationally and has led a significant number of externally funded projects, ranging from fundamental understanding of electro-catalysis at atomic and molecular levels to applied R&D in energy materials, fuel cells, batteries, and ozone generation from water for water treatment and advanced oxidation technologies; resulting in an output of over 160 publications, 6 patents and contributions to 2 spin-outs.

After obtaining his BSc, MSc and PhD from Xiamen University, he was appointed as a Lecturer then an Associate Professor at the same University, before embarking on his true international academic adventure. He was a Senior Visiting Scholar at Hong Kong University and Case Western Reserve University; held two Research Fellowships awarded by the prestigious Humboldt-Foundation and Max-Planck-Society working with Nobel Laureate Prof. Ertl in the Fritz-Haber-Institute in Berlin; a Research Fellow (funded by EPSRC)/Visiting Lecturer/Senior Research Fellow and a Founding Director of two spin-outs at Newcastle University, and a Lecturer (2009-2012) and a Reader (2013-2015) at Queen’s University Belfast before joining Loughborough in December 2015. He holds 4 Visiting Professorships at four leading universities in China as well as a Visiting Research Professor title from QUB. 

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My research seeks to tackle scientific problems of fundamental social and economic significance that have strong electrochemical and engineering aspects, and ranges from the development of novel energy-saving and environmentally friendly ozone generators and photo-electrochemical reactors for disinfection and detoxification of water, to the development of new advanced direct and indirect fuel cells as a future clean energy technology with a focus on using renewable biofuels/biofeedstocks as energy sources.

Current projects are multidisciplinary in the fields of materials, chemistry and chemical engineering, and maintain collaborations with a wide range of engineers and scientists worldwide. Research activities include low temperature PEM and alkaline fuel cells, direct alcohol fuel cells, metal-air batteries, lithium-ion batteries, redox flow batteries, photo-electro-chemical hydrogen production, CO2 conversion to liquid fuels, and catalytic ozone generation from water for water treatment and advanced oxidation technologies. The interdisciplinary nature of the research requires both fundamental understanding of the underpinning basic sciences and engineering and application-led development, ranges from materials synthesis and characterization, reaction kinetics, mechanisms and electro-catalysis studies, to novel cell and stack design and fabrication. The advancement of research is achieved by two parallel research approaches:

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