Deadline for applications: Thursday 29 March 2018

This award is intended to provide successful applicants with an opportunity to extend their knowledge of their subject either within or outside this country.  Projects that the award has made possible in the past include:

  • travel to Australia for a placement with textile designers;
  • a visit to Kenya to investigate local pharmaceutical  manufacturing processes and systems;
  • a trip to Africa to examine the influences of the West on African art forms;
  • travel India to research the food choices of backpackers;
  • travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Penang to study dance forms and Balinese theatre; and
  • travel to Gabriola Island to investigate surface sediments and marshes.

The assessor panels will be looking for evidence of planning of the proposed activity and evidence of contact made with the relevant organisation/body to research/arrange the proposed activity.

Students must take up this award prior to graduation, as follows:

  1. Apply for the award using the Nomination form, which also provides return information.
  2. Supply a supporting academic reference from your Personal Tutor or Head of Department. This must be submitted using the Supporting Reference Form. You will need to complete section A before forwarding the form (preferably as an email attachment) to your referee.

The Assessment Panel will meet in April to select the successful applicants. Both applications and Departmental references must be submitted by the deadline.  Any received after the deadline will be disregarded.

Further guidance to assist you when making an application for the Ede and Ravenscroft Prize can be found here.

The Assessment Panels will meet in April to select the successful applicants.