​Learn a new language​

​Students on nearly every degree have access to the University-wide Language Programme run by the Language Centre.​

​Adaptability is a core attribute in a context where innovation and disruption are fast becoming the norm. One recognised indicator of the capacity to deal with change and adapt to new ways of doing and communicating is the mastery of a second language.

Loughborough University’s Language Centre provides a progressive range of single-semester language modules in French, German, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. You can enter at any point on the scale based on your experience and work your way upwards, providing your programme regulations and timetable allow for these optional choices.

On these modules, you will develop a solid grasp of the language as well as essential communication skills and a better understanding of cultural practices and perspectives. As you progress up the scale you will acquire more advanced tools to help you navigate complex interactions and communicate successfully in a range of situations, at home or abroad.

Erasmus exchange students in particular are encouraged to study the taught language of their host institution before they embark on their period of study abroad.

If you prefer to develop your language skills alongside your degree studies, you can join our Extra-Curricular Language Programme, offering evening classes in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish (with reduced rates for students). In our Study Centre, which doubles up as a computer laboratory, you can also learn one of 20 languages at beginner level using self-study materials, free of charge.