Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your current skillset and knowedge and learn some entrepreneurial life hacks!

Get to Know Your Business Self

Self-evaluation can be tough (we’re our own worst critics!). Break it down with this helpful tool to help you reflect on your strengths, weaknesses and overall business goals.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset: 8 Signs To Consider

Consider the 8 signs of an entrepreneurial mindset and the skills / characteristics that your own entrepreneurial role models have.

Reflect upon which of these signs and characteristics of an entrepreneurial mindset you have already developed and which you wish to work on further with this example activity sheet below. 

You can also take the entrepreneur test hereThis questionnaire measures five key personality traits which have been found to correlate with those of successful entrepreneurs. We found this test good for finding out where our strengths and weaknesses as entrepreneurs are. 

Want to learn more about Enterprise and Entrepreneurship?

Why not check out these online courses and MOOCs on Entrepreneurship (free other than certification) to see if they are of interest to you!

Networking - What do I do? What to expect?

Have a look at our top tips in how to prepare, apprach and reflect on networking events!