The ‘Legal’ Know-How: All you need to get started

There is a lot of important (and legal!) information out there when it comes to running your business and we know that, sometimes, this can be difficult to navigate.

Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of useful resources below to help you with everything from ‘Registering Your Business’ to ‘Contracts, NDAs’ and the ‘Intellectual Property’ your business needs.

Legal Entities and Business Registration

Look at the different forms and structures a business can take to help decide which would best suit you and your business.

Contracts, Confidentiality and Handling Confidential Information

With GDPR (data protection) now a key part of the world we live in, it's important to know how to handle confidential information and to ensure that your business information stays this way when necessary.

Intellectual Property: What is it?

Intellectual Property and deciding on the right protection for your business can be difficult. The resources below are here to help you understand what IP is and the different types available to you.