Research and Innovation

We will use our world-leading research and innovation in sport and exercise to deliver benefits to the world of sport and improvements to public health

Education and Student Experience

We will ensure all our students appreciate and can access the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for themselves and others

Diverse, equitable and inclusive

We will advance and apply our knowledge and understanding of the links between exercise, nutrition, physical and mental health to improve wellbeing across diverse communities

Internationally engaged

We will be internationally recognised for our contributions to realising physical and mental health benefits from sport and exercise

Sporting excellence and opportunity

We will build on our global position in sport and exercise to drive, innovate and impact sport, health and wellbeing both nationally and internationally

Meaningful Partnerships

We will seek and engage strategic partnerships that will amplify our impact on sport and help deliver enhanced benefits to health and wellbeing

We will create an active and accessible environment that enables sporting talent to flourish and benefits the physical and mental wellbeing of our staff, students and partners