Research and Innovation

We will grow our research and innovation capacity, in areas such as clean energy and the circular economy, to enable the university to play a leading international role in responding to the climate emergency

Education and Student Experience

We will develop students who have a high degree of climate change awareness and carbon literacy so that they can take responsibility for sustainable actions in themselves and others

Diverse, equitable and inclusive

We will help diverse communities around the globe adapt and prosper in a changing world climate

Internationally engaged

We will bring together our creative, analytical and technological expertise to accelerate a reduction of global emissions

Sporting excellence and opportunity

We will use our expertise and influence to help sporting policy makers and organisations in their transition to net zero

Meaningful Partnerships

We will seek and engage strategic partnerships that will strengthen our response to the climate emergency and help accelerate progress towards net zero

We will engage staff, develop our estate, and change working practices to achieve net zero emissions from our own operations