We will align our research and innovation activities, raise the level of our research ambition, encourage collaborative and interdisciplinary working and invigorate our research culture

We will identify and invest in high-quality research that has the potential to make regional, national and global impact and we will work in partnership to secure sizeable projects that lead to innovation and meaningful change

We will produce internationally leading research and drive innovation across all our institutional themes including:

  • Reducing inequalities in society;
  • Delivering improvements to public health;
  • Making progress towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions

We will significantly increase the level of funding that we attract to support our ambitious research and innovation activities

We will improve the diversity of our postgraduate research student community and create an environment in which they all can thrive

We will use the Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park to support our research and innovation ambitions, through the partner organisations that base themselves there

We will be bold and outwardly focused in the way that we promote our research and innovation achievements

We will encourage imagination and creativity and support staff and student entrepreneurship to construct a vibrant innovation ecosystem that draws from our research base