We will create a culturally vibrant student community that benefits from the inclusion of students from across the globe and who are taught and supported by diverse staff

We will improve the diversity of our postgraduate taught and research student community and create an environment in which they all can thrive

We will further strengthen our sector-leading position for student experience by:​

  • ensuring our curricula are inclusive, research-informed, internationally relevant and responsive to societal challenges;
  • providing flexible work-based placements, opportunities and experiences to equip our students with the right skills, values and experiences for fulfilling future careers;
  • further embedding the development of skills for life within the curriculum and through extra-curricular opportunities;
  • providing all students with opportunities to be imaginative and creative, to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, including support for running their own businesses;
  • encouraging students to develop an enquiring and adventurous mindset by working collaboratively across disciplines and cultures.

We will keep our outstanding and distinctive campus-based offering at the heart of our student experience, whilst taking advantage of the latest digital technologies

We will strengthen Loughborough University London as a pre-eminent international centre for postgraduate education

​We will reflect our institutional themes within our taught programmes, for example by:

  • embedding environmental sustainability and ensuring all our staff and students have a high degree of carbon literacy and responsibility;
  • developing individuals who can have a positive influence across diverse communities, improving society for the future;
  • ensuring students and staff can access our expertise in sport, health and wellbeing and appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

We will ensure that students leave with special moments of learning and memories that encourage them to become responsible and authentic ambassadors for the future

We will develop a distinctive Professional Education offer that meets the needs of lifelong learners from the UK and around the world