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About us

Our main function is to ensure, as far as is possible, the personal safety of students, staff and visitors; the security of University buildings and other property; the protection of personal property and the control of traffic and parking.

TThe security management team consists of Ant Dales (Head of Security) and Mick Wood (Deputy Security Manager).

Five Security Supervisors, each with a team of Security Patrol Officers, operate on a continuous shift pattern to provide 24 hour cover for all areas of the University including Halls of Residences. The officers are deployed on a patrol and response basis, performing foot and mobile patrols throughout the campus. At night, during term time, we also patrol the main road leading from the University to the town centre and some residential areas that have a high student population. Trained first aiders are available on all shifts.

The security control room is operational 24/7 and can assist with queries by attending in person or via the contacts us details

More Information

Reporting an Incident

Phone: 01509  222141 for 24 Hours Security Control
Phone: 888 for Emergencies ONLY (Internal Lines Only)
Phone: 0800 526966 (Freephone)

If you are living off-Campus and become a victim of crime you should call the Police.
Call 999 when there is a:

  • Threat to life.
  • An incident is in progress, about to be committed or an offender is in the
    Immediate vicinity.
  • Serious risk to property or person.
  • Serious disorder.
  • Traffic collision resulting in serious injury.

After the police have dealt with the issue contact Security as we will support students, staff and visitors and provide appropriate assistance in any subsequent investigation.

Non-emergency crimes and incidents should be reported to the Police on 101 or
0116 222 2222

For further details please refer to the Leicestershire Police website»

Security's main roles

  • Ensure, the personal safety of students, staff and visitors.
  • First responders to all first aid requests (All defibrillator trained)
  • Protect University buildings and other property.
  • Assist in the control of traffic and parking.
  • Provide best practice advice on crime prevention and detection including administration of the CCTV systems.
  • Provide a crime/incident reporting system.
  • Respond  to calls for service, provision of routine patrols, checking, locking and unlocking buildings.
  • Call out emergency contractors for Out of Hours incidents.
  • Investigate complaints in relation to student, staff or visitor behaviour and disciplinary proceedings.
  • Administer and enforce of the traffic management policies, including the issue of car parking permits.
  • Assist in the management of keys for accommodation and contractors Out of Hours.
  • Recording, safekeeping and disposal of all found property.

Sevice Level Agreement

  • Security will provide a physical response within 5 minutes to a priority incident and within 15 minutes for non-priority incidents, if operationally possible.
  • All incidents will be investigated as required, appropriate reports will be raised, recorded and filed.
  • Annual crime statistics will be circulated to senior management.
  • CCTV cameras, with recording capability, will be installed at appropriate locations across the University.
  • The University campus including the buildings and car parks will be patrolled 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  •  Crime prevention / reduction advice will be available via various mediums.

Control Room

The Control Room operates 24/7. The Control Room staff, monitor alarms, CCTV and act as the primary line of communication into the Section for members of the University and are also a link to the emergency services.


A comprehensive CCTV system operates throughout the University. The cameras are monitored and the images are recorded digitally in accordance with Data Protection principles. The cameras can be used to great effect during large-scale events, directing security staff to incidents, observing, following and apprehending unauthorised persons on campus.

CCTV Code of Practice

This Code of Practice aims to ensure that the CCTV systems Installed and operated by Loughborough University comply with the law and that the scope, purpose and use of the systems are clearly defined. For more information on the Code of Practice please click on the link below.

CCTV Code of Practice


Security Installations(Intruder Alarms,CCTV,Door Access)

It is essential that the University has a coordinated approach to the installation or expansion of any electronic security systems. This ensures that we use the preferred supplier that equipment is compatible with existing installations and that proposed measures are commensurate with the risk.

Security, together with our FM and IT colleagues, will provide advice and, if required conduct a site visit to consider the feasibility, from a security and financial viewpoint, for any department considering the installation or expansion of any security systems.

There are 296 overt CCTV cameras deployed at LE11 3TU for the purposes of crime reduction and public safety.

Bicycle Security/Theft

The campus surrounding areas offer a bicycle friendly environment for both Staff and Students.

Keeping your bike safe and secure at the university couldn’t be easier…

On campus there are numerous bicycle storage areas, a number of which are under cover. All student Halls have secure bicycle storage available. Further information about these can be found on the interactive map by searching ‘Transport and Parking & Cycle Racks’ http://maps.lboro.ac.uk/

Security provides a free bicycle registration service. A small tag is placed on the bicycle and registered to yourself; if the bicycle is reported missing and recovered it can then be returned to you. Security also offers D locks at a competitive price; these are far more secure than chains, cables or padlocks.

For more information about any of the above please contact security at Security@lboro.ac.uk

Be Safe whilst Cycling.

Although throughout Loughborough there are a number of cycle routes it is essential you remain safe whilst cycling.

These are our top tips…

  • Always wear a helmet, in the case of an accident this can prevent serious head injury and possibly save your life!
  • Wear suitable clothing, something that will not hinder you or get caught in the wheels or peddles whilst you are riding.
  • Always be visible, wear bright coloured clothing ideally with reflective materials to ensure you can always be seen.
  • Use Lights when it’s dark. In conjunction with Hi Visibility clothing you should always ensure other road users and pedestrians can see you.
  • Use cycle paths where they are available. Slow down and use your bell to let people know you are there.

For more information on how to Be Safe & Seen click here»

To find out more about cycling safely visit the Direct.gov website»

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Other Services

We deal with a range of Security issues and investigate all security incidents at the earliest opportunity.  We are also in partnership with Human Rights and Equalities Charnwood and Leicestershire County Council, a reporting centre for hate incidents, this being an alternative to reporting such incidents to the police. These can be reported to the Security Section or anonymously online via our Link page.

Amongst the services available through Security are:

  • Crime prevention/reduction advice.
  • Security reviews.
  • The investigation of incidents, crimes and internal matters.
  • Advice on matters relating to crime and offences.
  • Planning of large scale events and VIP visits.
  • Receiving and investigating complaints from residents of unsocial and criminal behaviour by students.


Contact us

Security control room

01509 222141

For all parking enquires


888 (internal)

0800 526966 (Freephone)