Information Governance Policies

Policy 4 - Information Service and Service Contractors Policy


The University works with a range of external Service Providers and Contractors to support its business needs. This ranges from hosted systems, software support through to remote monitoring services. As part of this, third party organisations are likely to require remote or physical access to University Information Systems.

Remote access to IT resources on the Loughborough University network is provided via our VPN and MFA services. Users will be required to install and use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client (or another compatible client) and the Duo MFA client on a compatible device. Access to the Cisco AnyConnect installer can be provided if required.

This Policy ensures the integrity and security of University Information Systems and sets out clear conditions for providing third party organisations access.


IT Services / Facilities Management

Version/review date

Version 1.0: Approved June 2016, Review date July 2024.


This Policy is relevant to all IT staff, Facilities Management staff and external Service Providers and Contractors who already have access or require access to University Information Systems.

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