Our responsibilities

Our responsibilities fall under three main headings:

Development and Delivery of University Strategy: Building Excellence

Working with the VC, Provost and ALT on the preparation and development of University strategy.
Working with members of ALT to move the strategy forward.
Working with Schools and Professional Services across the University to ensure that the University's major strategic objectives are met.
Monitoring the internal and external factors that could effect the future development of the University.
Providing information, advice and guidance on Higher Education policy issues.

Support for the Planning and Resource Allocation Process

Co-ordinating the departmental development planning process.
Working with the Finance Office on the development of the University's business plans and budget.
Managing the staff approval process.
Managing the project procedures and providing support for major University projects.
Establishing effective monitoring processes so that progress can be measured.

Provision of Management Information

Preparing a wide range of complex funding and other statistical returns for external agencies.
Developing detailed management information to support the University's planning processes including student population and load projections and SSRs.
Analysing published statistical data including league tables and advising on the action needed to improve performance.
Producing benchmarked data and KPIs.