Reading lists: help for students

This page contains video guides to help you get the most out of your module reading lists.

If you need further assistance with the reading list system or have any questions about a reading list for one of your modules, please contact or your Academic Librarian.

Accessing your reading lists

There are two ways to access the reading lists for your modules:

  1. Via the module page on Learn. In most cases, the link to the reading list can be found in the Module Information section. If you cannot see a link to the reading list, please speak to your lecturer in the first instance.
  2. By accessing the homepage of the reading list system and searching for your module by code, title or keyword.

Video guides

Accessing online sources from the reading list system

This video explains how to identify and access online materials on a reading list, including eBooks and online journal articles.

Accessing physical sources from the reading list system

This video explains how to identify physical items such as books on a reading list and check their location and availability in the Library.

Getting the best out of your reading list

This video demonstrates several useful features that can help you to get the best out of your reading list.

These include:

  • Importance (key, recommended, and further reading).
  • Adding your own personal notes to items on a reading list.
  • Reporting broken links.
  • Setting your reading intentions for items on a reading list.
  • Filtering the list by item type, importance, format, and more.
  • Navigating the list using the Table of Contents.

Citations and referencing styles

This video shows how to configure a reading list to display entries in Harvard, MHRA, APA, Vancouver and other citation styles. It also demonstrates how to export a reading list in a range of formats, including RIS for upload to Mendeley and other reference management tools.

Note: Please use caution when taking citation information from the reading list system, and always check the accuracy of citation information against the original item.