Library regulations

Library Regulations

The Library is governed by Regulation 1 of the University's Regulations as approved by Senate. The Library has also developed a set of guidelines to complement the University regulations, which may be amended by the Library at any stage of the academic year after approval by the Library Leadership Team. 

Using the Library - additional guidance to Library regulations

These guidelines supplement the University Library Regulations which are published separately. The Library reserves the right to amend these guidelines throughout the year.

1. Access

  1. All Loughborough students and staff are free to use the Staff or student ID cards should be carried at all times as access to the building is via a turnstile activated by your staff or student ID card. Access will be denied after three entries without a student ID card within each academic year. Campus tenants can access the building with their ID card.
  2. Members of the public may use the Library, free of charge, for reference purposes. Anyone aged under 18 years must be accompanied by an appropriate adult e.g. parent or teacher. External visitors to the Library should report to the Reception Desk in the entrance to the Library where Library staff will sign them in and allow access through the barrier after showing appropriate photo ID with a date of birth e.g. passport, driver's licence or University ID card. We reserve the right to restrict external access during peak times e.g. During exam periods and 24/7.

2. Borrowing entitlements

Membership Category

Number of items

Long Loan period

Undergraduate students


4 weeks

Final Year Undergraduate students


4 weeks

Postgraduate students


4 weeks

Research students


4 weeks

University staff


4 weeks

Alumni & Retired members of staff


4 weeks

External readers


4 weeks


  1. Long loan items may be recalled if requested by another
  2. Some items, g. reference works, theses, books of special value and periodicals, may not normally be borrowed or may be subject to restricted loan conditions, irrespective of the status of the borrower.
  3. Access to the Library’s electronic resources may be restricted to certain categories of users.

3. External users

  1. Members of the public may buy an External borrowers ticket for £50 per year from the Enquiry Desk of the University Library.
  2. Teachers at Loughborough College or the RNIB College can request a staff borrowing ticket without charge on production of an employer's letter of support.
  3. Retired members of University staff and permanent staff in the Students Union may apply in writing to the University Librarian for an external borrowing ticket, which is usually provided free of charge.
  4. Alumni may apply to the Library for Membership will be free for the first 5 years. After this period there is an annual fee of £10. Alternatively, life membership may be purchased for £100.
  5. Campus tenants are allowed access to the Library building for reference purposes and are able to apply for an external user Library card free of charge. Tenants will not have access to the University’s e-resources or wireless

4. Fines and charges

  1. Fines shall be levied on any borrower returning an item late according to the scale shown below.


Loan Status


Maximum charge per item

Inter Library Loans

Charges are determined by the lending library and will be passed on to the Borrower.



  1. Failure to return material on time may result in a bill for a replacement being If no response is made to a final recall or overdue notice, a bill shall be sent to the borrower which shall include a non-refundable charge of £20 to meet Finance Office costs.
  2. If a lost, stolen or damaged item has to be replaced, a handling charge of £10 will also be added to the cost of the book.
  3. For any other misdemeanour relating to the Library the Librarian is empowered to levy a fine of up to £200 plus any costs incurred.

5. Conduct

All users are required to behave considerately and to respect the study needs of others.

5.1  Food and drink.

  1. Hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks and eating are permitted on all Levels of the Library. Litter should be disposed of in the bins provided.
  2. Food cannot be consumed in the silent study area
  3. Users are not permitted to drink alcohol in the

5.2  Use of mobile devices

  1. Readers can talk, use mobile devices for conversation in Open 3 on Level 3 of the Library but should not talk on mobile devices on other levels
  2. When using mobile devices in the Library, please ensure power leads are not left trailing as this may cause a hazard to other readers.

5.3  Noise

  1. Good order shall be maintained in all areas of the Library. Quiet shall be maintained on levels 1, 2 & Designated areas on Level 4 are for silent study only.

5.4  General conduct

  1. The reservation of places is not allowed. Books and other articles left for more than 30 minutes may be removed by the Library Articles left unattended at closing time will be cleared away.
  2. Readers are expected to clear study spaces after use in order to leave them tidy for the next user.
  3. Readers must look after personal belongings that are brought into the Readers are responsible for the safety and security of their equipment. The University does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings.
  4. No commercial activity, or leaflet distribution of any kind, will be allowed in the building, without the express permission of the Librarian.
  5. The unplugging of Library equipment is
  6. Photography and filming in the Library are allowed only where prior written permission from the Library has been given.


Last Updated 9th Jan 2024