Library blueprint

The Library blueprint is our dynamic plan that provides a framework to enable delivery, development and prioritisation and is made up of five elements: Our purpose, our principles, our core strategic areas (pillars), our values and our foundations.

The dynamic and agile nature of this plan also allows us to flex and adjust to emerging issues and strategic themes and where our activity and services coincide with that of colleagues across the institution in both the Professional Services and the Academy.

Our purpose  

To support and develop our users to realise their ambitions by creating opportunities for scholarship

Our principles

  • Working digitally, ethically, in partnership and with agility
  • Being user focused and informed by data and evidence

Our pillars (core areas of strategic focus)

  • Stewardship – Responsibly managing and caring for our University’s assets for the benefit of all of our user communities
  • Scholarship – Supporting the outcome and process of academic study
  • Connection – Encouraging engagement and interaction with our user communities

Each area of strategic focus has a set of statements of intent. These statements indicate our priorities, they are not where we are now but where we want to be.

Our values 

  • Adventurous
  • Authentic
  • Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Responsible

Our foundations

  • Sustainability
  • Library staff
  • Equity, diversity and inclusivity