Borrowing and returning books

You can borrow a wide range of material from the Library using the self-service machines located on level 3. You will need your University ID card to borrow items.

When the Library is open, items should be returned using the self-service machines or, in case of further queries, to the Help Desk. If you are not able to visit the Library during opening hours, there is a book return drop box outside the Library entrance which will be emptied the next working day.

How many items can I borrow?

Type of patron Maximum number of loans
Undergraduate students 50 items 
Undergraduate finalists 50 items 
Postgraduate (taught) students 50 items 
Doctoral Researchers 50 items 
Staff 50 items 
Alumni 8 items 
External users (e.g. Sconul) 4 items 

How long can I borrow items for?

Type of item Length of loan
Long loan

4 weeks for all users.

Reference (yellow and red spine labels) Reference only - no loan period - can only be used in Library

Books will automatically renew up to 14 times - providing no-one has requested them in the meantime. After the 14 renewals, users should return the books on our self-service machines and re-issue if still needed. This will reset the auto-renewal cycle.

If a book is requested, you will receive an email giving the due date.

Books need to be returned or renewed by 23.55 on the date the book is due for return. 

Please note that all items remain available for recall at any time apart from the Christmas and Easter vacation periods.

What are the fines for late returns?

The Library has stopped fining users for late returned items. However, if a book goes overdue, you will not be able to borrow any further items until the overdue item is returned.

The Library will send email reminders before a book becomes overdue and then overdue reminders (via email initially and via letter if you haven’t replied to the first two overdue reminder emails) when items become late. If you fail to respond to these notices, the Library reserves the right to invoice you for the replacement cost of the book, including an admin fee.

All notices are sent to your Loughborough staff/student email address. We cannot use substitute addresses unless you are an external user.

If you have any query about what is on your account, please contact the Library via or speak to a member of staff at the Help Desk.

Leisure reading collection

We have a selection of books in our leisure reading collection.

Any items in this collection (located on Level 4 of the Library with an orange spine label):

  • are loanable by any category of user for 4 weeks (maximum 4 loans per person)
  • can be reserved and recalled

Frequently asked questions about borrowing

Q: Can I borrow books during the vacation?

The week before term ends we change the due dates for vacation periods so that books issued or renewed in the final week are issued until the start of the next term unless a book has a request on it in which case it will still only issue for one week.

We do not recall books after the last week of term in both the Christmas and Easter vacations (subject to the exception outlined above).

Any book may be recalled during the Summer vacation so you should continue to check your university email account and post the book back to the Library if you are not in Loughborough.

Q: How do I request items?

Any long loan item can be requested if all the available copies are on loan via the Library Catalogue

How do I check my requests?

You can see if your requested items have arrived by using the My Account option on Library Catalogue Plus, then choosing Holds.

If a reservation is marked On Hold, the item is waiting on the self-collection shelving located on level 3 of the Library. You will need your university ID card to collect the item. Your item(s) will be filed under the first 3 letters of your surname and the last 3 digits of your university ID number. Items must then be issued via the Self-Service machine. Requests are held for three working days.

How do I cancel reservations?

If you no longer need a reserved item, you should cancel your request in the Holds screen of My Account. Click cancel on the right-hand side of the title you would like to delete. Please note that you will not be able to cancel a request if the item is already on hold for you.

If you have any problems requesting or cancelling items, please email us 

Q: What happens if a book is recalled?

Please be aware that any of your books can be recalled. You will receive an email to let you know that the item has been recalled. You have 7 days from the date printed on the email to return the item for long loan items. Check the email carefully to ensure you are returning the correct title.

The recall system works for you as well. If you reserve an item, you can expect to receive it in about 7 to 10 days, unless it is in heavy demand.

Q: How do I check my loans?

To check which items you currently have out on loan, use the My Account option on Library Catalogue Plus. You will need to sign in using your university username and password.

You can also check your account on the self service machines in the Library or on the Library tile of the MyLboro app.

Q: How do I renew my books?

Your books will be automatically renewed up to 14 times, providing no-one has requested a book in the meantime. After the 14 renewal limit is reached, if you still need the items you will need to return the items on one of our self-service machines and re-issue them to your account. This will reset the renewal cycle back to 14. 

Q: What happens if I lose an item?

First please have a good look for the item before reporting it to the Library as lost as you will be charged the cost of replacing the item plus a £10 admin fee.

Requesting books from Loughborough for London users

Students and staff can request books from our Loughborough campus to be sent to London to borrow. Just search the Library’s online Library Catalogue Plus for stock and then email telling them your staff/student ID number and the details of the book(s) you would like to be sent to London. Please note that Reference books cannot be borrowed from Loughborough.

Staff at Loughborough will gather the requested items from the shelves and post them down to London for collection. You will be emailed when your items are ready for you to collect in London.

Any items borrowed from the Loughborough campus can be returned as normal through the self-check out machine and placed in returns bin.