Accessing online resources

The Library subscribes to a large number of online resources to support the learning, teaching, and research of Loughborough staff and students. These resources are accessible via the Library catalogue, subject guides, All Database listings, eJournal A to Z webpage and the reading list system.


To ensure that only users belonging to an institution that has an active subscription to the resource can access it, suppliers or publishers require us to authenticate before we can view them. Authentication can take various forms.

IP address authentication

Most of our resources are IP address authenticated. This means that if you are using them on campus, authentication happens automatically in the background and you may well be unaware authentication has taken place. When you are off campus, to ensure that you can access these resources, we recommend that you use the University's Cisco Secure Client Virtual Private Network (VPN) Client. Information on how to download and install the VPN is available on the IT webpages.

Alternatively, if you cannot install the VPN, it is often possible to login via the institution, this is sometimes called Shibboleth, or single-sign-on. To do this you need to locate the institutional login page, select Loughborough University from the drop-down list and you will then get taken to the Loughborough University sign in page.

Find out more about the VPN


Some of our resources require each user to sign in to use them, this is often the case with ebooks where there are limits on how much of a text you can print or download.

For resources that require single-sign-on, when you click on the link in our catalogue, on reading lists, or from the database listings, you will be taken to the Loughborough University login page where you can login with your University username and password.

Please note that you should never enter your University username and password directly into a login page on a supplier or publisher website.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has now been added as an additional layer of security for staff and students when they are working off campus and accessing the VPN or other web services. Duo Security is used by the University as our multi-factor authentication solution, and you will need to ensure that you have signed up to this service and have an enrolled device when working off campus. IT Services provide guidance on how to set up and use Duo on their webpages.

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Acceptable use

Please note that users of online resources are expected to abide by University IT Policies and adhere to the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.


For assistance with IT related problems please contact the IT Services Desk.

For assistance or help with problems accessing Library resources please contact the Library.