Human Resources

Recruitment & probation


The ability to attract and retain high calibre talent is fundamental to the University’s future success. Our recruitment process aims to introduce individuals to the University who not only have the skills and experience to fulfil a role, but also have the ambition and potential to drive the University forward in meeting its strategic aims. Each role is therefore supported by a campaign specifically designed to ensure only the best available talent is identified.

In addition, the University is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce and has identified that recruitment and selection plays a key role in achieving this aim. Our efforts in this regard include:

• Introducing targeted adverts (as well as open adverts) to encourage applicants from under-represented groups
• Unconscious bias training for senior management teams
• Recruitment and selection training which is mandatory for chairs of interview panels, which covers equality and diversity requirements     in detail
• Requirement for gender balance on interview panels for grades 6 and above
• Job evaluation process to ensure equal pay for work of equal value
• Being a disability confident employer
• Being a member of the race equality charter

Our aims for recruitment also include the following:

• Developing an employer brand which makes clear our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion
• Continuing to monitor and track performance of various publications to ensure that we are using the most effective media to attract a       diverse and highly talented workforce
• Analysis of successful by protected characteristic and implementing action plans when issues/patterns are identified
• Strengthening the candidate experience so that all candidates can see the benefits of working here
• Creating greater flexibility in role definition so that they are attractive to a diverse range of people
• Providing support to staff from overseas who come to work here

This section provides key information in relation to recruitment, casual staff, immigration and probation processes.