Checking your balance

To see how many core hours are left in accounts you have access to, run the account-balance command:

$ account-balance
Id Name      Balance    Reserved Effective  CreditLimit Available
-- --------- ---------- -------- ---------- ----------- ----------
 4 test2020a    2538.99  2000.00     538.99        0.00     538.99

Your remaining balance is shown in the "Available" column.

Anything listed in the "Reserved" column has been reserved to cover a currently running job.

Charging Model

Jobs are charged on the basis of the number of cores assigned to the job multiplied by the number of seconds the job ran for. Lovelace will never share a compute node between two jobs which belong to different users, so if you submit a single-core job then it will be billed for the whole 40-core compute node the job has occupied.

If you submit a number of single-core jobs then the queueing system will attempt to place them on the same compute node and not charge you more for the same compute node.