Loughborough Doctoral College

Essential information

School Contacts

All Schools have an appointed Director of Doctoral Programmes (DDP), they will take overall responsibility for recruitment, admissions, induction, training, and progression from one part to another. They should be your first point of contact if you have a complaint and will be able to provide guidance on the University regulations.  The DDP is supported by a team of administrators and sometimes deputy DDPs.

SchoolDDPDeputy DDPDoctoral Administrator(s)
School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering Dr Karen Coopman  TBC Kiaren Mundair 
School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering  (includes WEDEC) Dr Lee Bosher Professor Jonathan Wright - Built Environment 
Professor Jim Chandler - Civil Engineering  
Berkeley Young    
School of the Arts, English and Drama Dr Brian Jarvis TBC Emma Nadin 
School of Business & Economics Dr Gillian Ragsdell TBC Tracey Preston
Aly Howells-Chivers 
Loughborough Design School Dr Andrew May   TBC Jane Purvey   
Loughborough University London Professor Aaron Smith TBC Bryony Stewart-Seume  
School of Science Professor Andrei Malkov Dr József Lörincz   
Dr Jenya Ferapontov  
Judith Poulton    
School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences  Professor Ruth Kinna TBC Audrey Pridmore
Gillian Collard
Deirdre Lombard  
School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences Dr Jonathan Folland Dr Rachel Sandford  
Dr Stacy Clemes 
Dr David Fletcher  
Jo Bebb  
Wolfson School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering Dr Felipe Iza Mr David Whalley  Lauren Wragg
Siobhan Horan 
Wolfson PhD admin