Loughborough Doctoral College

Essential information

School Contacts

All Schools have an appointed Director of Doctoral Programmes (DDP), they will take overall responsibility for recruitment, admissions, induction, training, and progression from one part to another. They should be your first point of contact if you have a complaint and will be able to provide guidance on the University regulations.  The DDP is supported by a team of administrators and sometimes deputy DDPs.


SchoolDDPDeputy DDPDoctoral Administrator(s)
School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering Dr Hemaka Bandulasena
Dr Sarah Dunnett - AAE
Dr Diganta Das - Chem Eng
Dr Mark Jepson -  Materials
Sam Chambers
School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering  (includes WEDC) Professor Chris Goodier Professor Jonathan Wright - Built Environment 
Dr Kirti Ruikar - Civil Engineering  

Berkeley Young - ABCE

Dr Robin Rainier  - CDT administrator for LoLo, ERBE and Water-WISER

School of Business & Economics Dr Dan Sage Dr Vitor Castro Tracey Preston
Aly Howells-Chivers 
School of Design and Creative Arts Professor Diane Gyi  Dr Fred Dalmasso
Dr Abby Paterson
Jane Pagett

Loughborough University London Dr Matt Vidal Dr Jessica Noske-Turner Bryony Stewart-Seume  
School of Science Professor Andrei Malkov DDP & Chemistry Deputy DDP   Professor Joseph Betouras - Physics
Professor Korbinian Moeller - Mathematics Education Centre
Professor Jenya Ferapontov - Mathematical Sciences
Dr Ana Sălăgean - Computer Science 
Emma Needham
Isobel Thompson
School of Social Sciences and Humanities Dr Nick Freeman Dr Cristian Tileaga - Communication and Media
Dr Aija Lulle - Geography and the Environment
Dr Anne-Marie Beller - English
Dr Christina Oelgemoller - Politics and International Studies
Dr Laura Valadez-Martinez - Social and Policy Studies
Emma Nadin 
School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences Dr Stacy Clemes Dr Emily Rousham
Dr Lee Taylor
Dr Dominic Malcolm 
Jo Bebb  
Wolfson School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering Professor Anish Roy Dr Elliot Woolley Wolfson PhD admin
Lauren Long
Jennifer Blockley