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Group of students, some in discussion with each other, at an event for doctoral researchers

Peer Representation

Doctoral Researcher Presidential Team

The DR Presidential Team act as the final point of representation alongside Representatives and Lead Representatives and works to effect positive change on behalf of all doctoral researchers. The team represents the views of doctoral researchers at an institutional level by collecting feedback from DR Leads and conveying this to senior university staff both one-to-one and in large-scale university committees. To contact the DR Presidential Team, email at drpresidentialteam@lboro.ac.uk. This year's presidential team are:

Doctoral Researcher President: Alex Christiansen, School of Design and Creative Arts.

Doctoral Researcher Vice-President: JD Bhadra, School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering.

They are assisted by the LSU Academic Representation Coordinator, Chloe Oliver (ChloeOliver@lsu.co.uk).

You can read more about the Presidential Team on the Doctoral College Blog.

DR Lead Rep and DR Rep

Lead Representatives act as a point of contact for Representatives within each School and liaise with the DR Presidential team. They also keep researchers informed about various developments and changes. DR Reps represent and champion the views of Doctoral Researchers on your degree programme by presenting your feedback to those in a position of influence. They can be the first point of contact within the school’s research group for academic matters or guide you to appropriate university services and support.


DR Lead Rep

DR Reps

School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering (SABCE)

George Dawes

Bayan Khayat-Sarama (Architecture)
Joshua Vasudevan (BERG)
Jack Starkey (Geotechnics & Geomatics)
Kuldeep Singh Sodha  (Transport & Urban Planning)

School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering (SAACME)

Izabela Lackowska

Will Chartier (Materials)
Minjun Chen (Chem Eng)
Basmah Bushra (Chem Eng)
Huyen Le (Materials)
Tom Walker (AAE (NCCAT))
Roman Lukianchuk (AAE)
Zhichun Lin (Chem Eng R1)

School of Business & Economics (SBE)

Richlove Frimpong

Yupei Wu (R2)
Jiahao Zhao (R1)

Portia M. Akolgo (R3)

School of Design and Creative Arts (SDCA)

Wenyan Luo

Alexander Robertson
Benjamin Pearson
Amy O'Dell
Jiahao Zhao (R1)

School of Science (SS)


Nathan Westwood (Chemistry)
Sam Wallbridge (Chemistry)
Wenjuan Zhou (Computer Science)
Yixiao Zhang (Computer Science)
Jacob Strauss (Mathematics Education)
James Zhang (Mathematical Sciences)
Luke De Clerk  (Physics)

School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (SSEHS)

Amber Guest

Ellie Langworthy (Lifestyle Theme)
Ahmet Begde (Lifestyle Theme)
Buket Engin (Lifestyle Theme)
Ogulcan Caliskan (Lifestyle Theme)
Ximing Fan (Participation Theme)
Alessio Norrito (Participation Theme)
Michael Bukur-Ii (Participation Theme)
Rob Booth (Participation Theme)
Tanuj Kohli (Performance Theme)
Michele Zanini (Performance Theme)
Anna Martin (Performance Theme)
Mj Brown (Part-Time Rep (Lifestyle Theme))
Chelsea Piggott (Part-Time Rep (working alongside PhD))

School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSSH)

Carrie Harrop
Megan Constable

Yumeng Zhang
Josh Thompson
Shane Little

Wolfson School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering (WSMEME)

Jingxi Yang

Muhammad Afzal (Control & Automation)
Kumba Conteh (High Value Manufacturing)
Abigail Pople (Systems)
Liam Knott (Dynamics and Thermofluids)
Jingxi Yang (Lead Rep) (Energy and Power)
Ekaterina Smotrova (Materials & Measurement)
Marios Aristodemou (Communications)

Loughborough University London (LUL)

Anna Farello

Tim Kubel (R1 - Nov 2021 – Oct 2022)
Massimo D’Angelo (R2 - Nov 2021 – Oct 2022)