Participant feedback

The Developing Veterans’ Resilience through Physical Activity programme has been set up with the needs of veteran's in mind. It is therefore vital that those who attend the programme have a positive experience. Here, participants share their experience.

Military veterans who attended Loughborough University’s first mental wellbeing support programme have described it as ‘life changing’.

Having conceived and led the programme, Wing Commander Craig White said: “It was a true honour to be able to host 16 veterans on the Loughborough campus and provide them with support and life skills that will make a real difference to their quality of life. Seeing what an impact it has had on the attendees makes the whole team even more determined to find further funding. We would encourage anyone who thinks they can help support this incredible programme to get in touch.”

Talks are already under way to run further veteran support programmes at the campus in 2023. Feedback from participants includes:

This course sets the standard for how veterans struggling with their mental health should be helped. You gave me a safe space to work through some incredibly difficult thoughts, whilst also providing practical education in how to get and keep myself well going forward. You gave me the opportunity to succeed, but within my own limits. I really feel like I have accomplished something this week, and you were both cheering us on and gently driving us forward the whole time. The team spirit that you fostered from the moment we met on zoom was critical to the course’s success, and I hope that this course continues to flourish. You have created something extremely special and I am very grateful to have been part of the first course. I am already looking forward to future follow-ups (and a ski trip?)!

Military veteran

“I have had no friends for over 30 years as I find it hard to open up and trust people. I have contemplated suicide in the past, and am currently going through a tough time with my family. The veterans course was a life saver for me and I wouldn’t be coping now without the course. I have become good friends with two of the veterans I met on the course and we have been meeting up every week to support each other. I have used the coping strategies to manage my feelings better. I have bounced around different support services for 20 years but this course I have been on as a veteran. Thank you all very much.”

Military veteran

What you have done for me over the last week has been tremendous and life changing. Having no friends (by choice), I now have several and we have continued to chat on the app and via phone every day since. A big missing part of my life appears to be coming back. This course, has not only provided me with some essential tools but has also giving me a lifeline and network of friends, who not only remind you of those tools but are also a sounding board. This has now provided the light I needed and a compass of where I want to go and how to get there. I cannot thank you enough for all you have allowed me to achieve, so thank you.

Military veteran